Lots of Colors


HOLI – Indian Festival of Colors
I don’t want these PICTURES to go to waste
…because there was a lot of Great stuff.

Let people know that they can go through the galleries
find pictures of themselves and their friends
Then UPLOAD their own Albums to FaceBook or Whatever (And Tag)


MY TREAT!! (Festival Pictures)

BEST OF (50): http://jarviedigital.com/OtherJobs/08/holi-o/
SELECT (140): http://jarviedigital.com/OtherJobs/08/holi-s/
FULL (510): http://jarviedigital.com/OtherJobs/08/holi-f/

Rt Click, Save and Use ->>>>
Find everyone you know and make yourself an album on facebook (Or Whatever).
And spread the word!
And drop me a line so I can see the comments
That’s all I ask.
Scott Jarvie

There’s seriously hundreds if not thousands of people in the pictures so most people will be in there in some way.

Scott Jarvie








What is this?
(Let them explain)


  1. sam says

    AWESOME photos man. These are great. I wish I would have gone to the festival.

  2. Tessa says

    I am so going this year!

  3. Whitney says

    I’m one of the hopefuls in getting your tricks for keep the camera safe… :)

  4. Whitney says

    oh, and I should probably also say that I am amazed every time I see these photos. Really really incredible

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  6. Alexa says

    I am so very excited to go this year. It will be my first year and definatly not my last! :)

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  9. Krishna says

    Awesome snaps,

    I become fan of it. Also want to attend this colorful event.

    Help me . Show me the way how to be there.

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