My Questions for an Adobe Lightroom Developer

If I were face to face with an adobe developer what would I personally ask him/her?

Obviously: How do I make lightroom faster?

Would i have a better experience if I upgraded to 64bit operating system?

The answer is probably yes… but then I would ask… How much better and how?
What I’m getting down to… Is it even worth bothering?

Would things be better with more than 4GB of Ram?

Again the answer I expect is yes…. but then I would ask…
How much better and how will I notice the effects?
What I’m getting down to… Is it even worth bothering?

How big can I make my catalogs?

He’ll say… it depends.
I’ll say of course it depends… that’s how computers and technology works…
Now expand on that thought.

Is there a perfect way to install Lightroom and set the preferences?

He’ll probably say there’s no “perfect” way or it depends.
Then I’ll ask ok… what’s the “best” way you know of?

Would a sub $2000 mac be better than a quad-core PC with 4GB of ram 5-6 HDs?

Follow up if the answer is yes… would it be worth giving up my 3 screen setup? (And having to classify myself with annoying Apple Fan Boys… I mean I did get an iPhone so I don’t suppose it’s way out there)
Because if it’s only a tiny bit faster then what’s the point?

Why does it seem that Lightroom is specially sluggish when I leave for a while. Or when I wake in the mornings?

I don’t turn off my computer or even shut down lightroom.
Is that a terrible thing and the root of all my problems?
Does lightroom need to be shut down from time to time just like a computer?

Will add more to the post as I think about them or you suggest them.


  1. mickelle says

    Great questions. Now you just need to hunt somebody down at WPPI and tell us what his/her real answers are!


  2. Eric Quinney says

    Ok so a couple of years later, do you have anwsers to any of these questions?

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