(Story) Freedom Festival Parade Pictures

A couple of Notes
I walked up and down the route of the parade with my new fun lens.

Let me just tell you it’s much better than standing (or sitting) in the same spot for the whole parade.
It’s also nice to only live 3 blocks from the parade route.

ALSO… having a 70-200 2.8 makes a parade much more enjoyable.

I took a ton… but I’ll just post a couple of them here.
If you think I took a picture of you I can get you a link to the full gallery online.

I took my second camera with the wide/medium zoom but I hardly used it… I suppose it was still useful to make me look semi-important. haha

I also hung out with a friend Gordon who was shooting pictures for the Freedom Festival magazine.

Now for the FUN part… Let me tell you a STORY

Let’s start this off on a patriotic note!

Not as many flags but still as cool.

But don’t worry these kids had flags to spare.

These things were all over the place
… I meant the snapper things.
But yeah kids too!

More kids… some sat, some stood, others… they were more squatters.

And they liked to point at stuff

And they sometimes walked places.

Other times it was better to just chill in the street.

This guy was way into me taking a picture of his kids…
But I thought he was kinda fun himself.

Excuse me miss… um…. there’s something growing out of your head!!!
I suppose i could think of worse…

… I suppose I could just show you it.

I’m pretty sure they were a late addition to the parade!

Look at this stallion… oh wait… it was 3ft tall!

Just in case you wanted to know what a horses nose looked like.

Me and this guy bonded

Well at least there’s a marching band to keep us company on the pioneer trek.

I tried everything I could
to make geeky highschool band kids look cool

Sometimes it worked.

I’m sure it’s for the better.

I think I’m more into the instruments.

Remember that one dude!

Which one liked the Parade more?

They’re probably looking out and aspiring to be
one of them beauty pagaent winners or something

Some seats were better than others.

Not really sure what’s going on.

Does these gadgets draw attention to my belly?

Gotta come in style to the Provo Parade!!

Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked.
While some of the re-enact-ers… well… they just sat.

Pioneers really are photogenic… do you think they were 150yrs ago?

What happened to the Female Pioneers?

Other dudes.

But here’s the thing… who’s cooler to take pictures of?
Who would you have taken pictures of?

Old people are cool.

Sons of Utah pioneers… i think that was the organization.

Why carry stuff in a basket when you can just use the SUV behind you!

I don’t think clowns are meant to be anything but scary these days.

One of these is not like the other.

They do have a point!
Take note overweight women!
This is what you look like… STOP IT NOW!

I made my way down to mexico earlier in the day for the parade there.

Friends yelled at me from the rooftops.

Sometimes they were actually in the Parade.

The mascot of the new UVU!
Go fightin’… animals of some kind!

I tell you… it’s a party at the new UVU!

If it’s not Scottish…. It’s crap!!

I’m not so sure this is Scottish after all…

Awesome manly bag-piping… even with the a-typical man clothing.

Something about this guy…
I wouldn’t take anything from him.

Decked out and celebrating our independence with us!
Go Llamas!

Just proving it wasn’t an isolated Llama with patriotism.

Do you sense some sarcasm?

Speaking of the second amendment.

It’s a new kinda wave

Can you guess the war?

Good job… now…
Can you guess this war?

Am I a terrible person if I want to start singing…
“… something exciting and new… come aboard… we’re expecting you!”
Think our favorite 80’s boat related sitcom

How’d they get it through you ask…
Just pull harder.
And you wonder why there’s not more balloons in this parade.

This guy went out of his way to get pictures.

I guess that warrants him a couple pics.

Too bad he had an arm growing out of the side of his head.

I’m pretty sure this Argentinian group won some sort of Independence day award for the parade. huh?

All you need is a bunch of red white and blue
and and it doesn’t even matter who they’re representing.
(BTW look at how fat these kids are making the wheel flat and stuff)

I suppose it’s the Freedom Festival… that theme could bring out any group in utah county.

ummmm…. let’s guess… a cheerleader from some local HS.
(Cuz i’m not sure which group it is)

I’m saying it now!!
Next year if I’m around… expect a group of hip photographers to be walking down university!

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