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The question was posed on how I’m gonna photograph 3 weddings in one day.

Crazy Coincidence

First off it’s all about fate. It’s crazy how it all worked out.

All three inquiries were for SLC LDS Temple.

I don’t charge per hour… I charge for the day and give the couple the full reign of deciding what’s going on that day. Which makes it even more uncommon for me to do 3 weddings in one day.

Speaking of coincidences

I did a photoshoot monday, tuesday and wednesday this week so far… and each has been an engagement shoot.
It just so happens that they were each for the three weddings I’m doing on the same day in May. 

I will post pictures soon.

First Wedding 

Well the primary wedding that booked me first isn’t getting married at the temple until about noon. So that’s when i need to be there then then have a reception that night in Alpine.

Second Wedding

After that another couple called wanting someone to just take their pictures at the temple on a previous day, they weren’t so much looking for someone on the same day. When we met and figured that out I told them I could get their candids and group shots (seeing as how we’d already have their couple shots done) since they were getting married there ar 9am leaving me with plenty of time until my first wedding was done.

I double checked with the first primary wedding to double check that they didn’t need any pictures in the morning.

Third Wedding

Then another couple called and asked if i was free that day, which I wasn’t really.
But I asked when and where and sure enough it was SLC temple and the wedding was 3pm
I began thinking.

So I told them if i could do it we’d but a time limit I could shoot when they got out and spend roughly from 3:45-6:00 shooting and because it wasn’t the promise of a full day wedding I would give them a discounted cost that up until this year I used to offer for part day weddings. So I’ll be missing their reception but they seemed alright with that. Chances are i’ll probably find them a photographer to go help cover it.

Making sure it was alright with the original wedding

So back to the original wedding… I had to call and make sure these changes were alright with that.
I told them if they would allow that to happen that I would 1 promiss a second photographer 2 discount their wedding for being so nice. They accepted the offer of course… since in actuality they weren’t loosing a single thing… only gaining. But I wanted it to be alright with them.


So now this will be the schedule… roughly.
(I might not be exact on the times but I double checked that it works)

Wedding #1 (Group shots) | 10-11am 

Wedding #1 Luncheon | 1-3pm (done by assistant)

Wedding #2 Temple+Couple | 1-3:45

Wedding #3 Temple+Couple | 3:45-6:00

Drive to reception 

Wedding #2 Reception | 7-9 



To make sure I’m happy and creative and have fun and no stress, I am making sure I have help that day.
I don’t often pay people to come and shadow me, I tend to teach a ton and make it a worthwhile experience anyway. Plus there are a lot of people wanting to join me and I love helping.

But in a situation like this when I want to make sure someone is there and I know they’re qualified as well, i’ll pay them to come and assist and be a second shooter as well.

So I’m having 2 assistants come Suzanne and Steph who shoot together and I know can handle things.
I need one for sure to handle the luncheon for wedding #1 because they know I personally won’t be able to be there shooting.
And I also need someone for just in case. Like looking out for me to make sure they’re not coming out of the temple. Letting me know how much time I have.

And also to send someone ahead to the reception to get some of the shots before the reception starts.


My questions

Anything else I missed?
Any other suggestions?

I’ve done 2 in one day a few times and they’ve worked out great!
Here’s hoping for the best.
Most importantly they all know just exactly what I have in mind and where their limits are and what to expect from me. 

And no one is missing out on anything they wanted… in fact I’m providing them with extra shooters and more than they bargained for. Extra value

So am I still a little crazy? Perhaps… but it’s going to be fun and something I can say I did.
Along with this year saying I did a wedding in Alaska, florida and England


  1. jen olse says

    you’re crazy….sounds fun!

  2. Aria Bethards says

    Wow, you’re very ambitious! It sounds like it will work out great. I’m looking forward to hearing about it and seeing the photos from the day.

  3. Garrett says

    Just bring lots of food! Cliff Bars, trail mix, Cheetos….

  4. David Terry says

    I could never do it (I have a slide show from the temple running at the reception, so I’m extremely busy in between the temple and the reception) but wow, if you can pull it off, more power to ya! :)

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  6. Tyra says

    Hey! Great post, I too, booked 2 weddings in one day and I have been hopeful that it will work out, both couples knew at the time that they were sharing the day, and continue to assure me they don;t mind! Its nice to see I wasn;t the only crazy person out there doing this!

  7. Tara Winsor says

    WOW! 3 weddings in one day! That must have been nuts! Glad to know that it was pulled off though! And cool to see how you work with all three of them.

  8. Kimbrey says

    Are you kidding? You really pulled that off? Very impressive!

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