Bridals : Kalina


She’s married now so I can show off her bridals – Check out the full gallery

 001_7S29776 002_7S29773

 003_7S29767  006_7S29802  008_7S29783  016_7S29759

 004_7S29732 005_7S29834

 021_7S29870 022_7S29856

 017_7S29743  027_7S29829  019_7S29922  032_7S29813


 035_7S29748 047_7S29600

 048_7S29595  045_7S29632  033_7S29810  079_7S29832

Here’s a couple to embarrass her sisters… if that’s possible


 066_7S29878 065_7S29882

 069_7S29872  067_7S29876  103_7S29704  115_7S29657


  1. Suzanne says

    Love Love Love the cowboy hat! Great pictures. She looks beautiful.

  2. Melissa Papaj says

    Wow! Great pictures and what a beautiful bride!

  3. Tara Winsor says

    That cowboy hat is pretty awesome! Great job!

  4. Kimbrey says

    Love the personality with the cowboy hat. Also the sister pics. JaG

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