Festival of Colors – Revisited

First of all… if you’re in Utah and have the evening off…

You must make sure you make it to

Holi: The Festival of Colors

Here is the Full gallery on Smugmug

Here is a facebook event with more info about it.

Created by my friend Shawna Brabant

Here is the official event page of the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Here are 3 galleries i made from last year

BEST OF (50): http://jarviedigital.com/OtherJobs/08/holi-o/

SELECT (140): http://jarviedigital.com/OtherJobs/08/holi-s/

FULL (523): http://jarviedigital.smugmug.com/gallery/4846545_yiSjD

Here was the blog post from a year ago

To my photographer friends out there… Go… if you dare.

I’m not saying it’s easy or totally safe for your stuff.

But i do say it’s an amazing opportunity.

If there is enough response here on the blog comments I’ll add a post about how I kept my D300 safe.

But that will be a prize for their being lets say 10 people asking. haha

Tricky… i know

But this is more or less could happen… and didn’t happen to me :)

Of course I didn’t really bring in that lens.




  1. Sarah says

    I’d like to hear about keeping your camera safe and clean.
    I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures – I love your style!

  2. Shawn says

    Count me in as well for the tips to keep the gear safe. Love the great photos and the knowledge you share on your blog.


  3. Adriana says

    Really curious to know how you kept your camera and lens safe!

  4. Aaron Barker says

    This looks pretty fun. You going again this year? I think I may try and get there.

    Geeze, I would sure love to know how you kept your camera and lens safe 😉

  5. Aaron Barker says

    Tried posting once but didn’t take. Trying again.

    This looks pretty fun. Think I’ll try to be there (with the 4000+ signed up on Facebook… quite the party). You going to be there again?

    Oh, and please oh please… grace us with how you kept your camera safe from the evil powder of many colors!

  6. Emily says

    those are awesome (as expected) so how’d you keep your camera safe? use a trash bag?

  7. scott says

    OK so I must admit it’s nothing terribly profound.
    But in the end I had a happy working camera and I was successful
    So i suppose I can say a few things.

    I will work on a post for the blog a bit later.
    But being true to my word there needs to be 6 more people asking.

    It has been great to see people finally getting around to posting comments. If you have a blog you know what i’m talking about.
    Yes this is called a bribe :)

  8. Aaron Barker says

    This looks like fun! Think I’ll try and be there. You going again this year?

    Please oh great one, teach us the ways of camera powder prevention.

  9. Randy says

    This looks awesome! I live right here close to it and never knew about the Festival of Colors.

    Oh, and please share the clean-camera wisdom with us.

  10. Shawna says

    I wanna know too!!! :)

    But I was there.. that was the first time we had met I do believe.

    So just 3 more people need to ask now.. right?

  11. Emily says

    yes it is nice to get comments on ones blog, now if you don’t count my name twice that’s fine…but really…spread the love!

  12. Becky says

    I can’t get over how gorgeous these photos are. Your work is impressive. Thanks so much for sharing these with everybody!

  13. Aaron Barker says

    Big picture just posted a set from this years Holi in Inida

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  17. amandah hendrix says

    Where are this years pictures?!

  18. Kimbrey says

    Love these pictures- I loved the others and I love these. The color is incredible. JaG

  19. Val Hunter says

    Totally need to know how to protect the camera, awesome shots!

  20. Kenny says

    Yes oh yes, the secrets of camera protection must be revealed!

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