If only there was a better market for this


OK so coming off of a blog post in which I kinda poked at the studio crowd a little.
(All in good fun right?)

Now my thoughts on Model or Senior portrait only photographers.

Last time I think I used the word “Cheating” for studio types 😉
I think i’ll use it again… haha
But this time it’s the cheating that I really really like.
It’s all said in good fun… or is it 😉 Mwahaha

 009_7S27843 003_7S27629

More people More harder
I think we can all admit that the more people you add to a photoshoot typically the harder it gets.
So that being said… shooting one individual is the easiest number.

When they’re the Model types it gets even easier.
I suppose it becomes more about your skills in setting up shots and being creative, than it is about how to interact with the people. (Obviously those elements are still there to a degree)


Case in point: Angela

I did her wedding last year in California.
You may remember her beach bridals

She’s getting into photography so we did a little trip looking for places, training on photography and taking pictures. Full Gallery



Another case
Even more fulfilling was taking pictures for Nichole.
She wasn’t very into it and you’d think she’d be since she’s an actress.
Heck she has the lead role in a play right now.
But she was a bit shy and didn’t quite know what to do.
I kinda had to coerce her into even doing the shoot.
Very different from Angela… and yet the pictures of Nichole were great. They captured her very well.
Who she was and so forth. I’m very happy with it. Full Gallery

Thanks for the fun days to both of you! Enjoy your pictures and show them off!



 015_7S22432 017_7S22463

The point?
So the point of this all is to say:
Dang!!! Individual portrait sessions are so much easier, specially when they are the fun types, the outgoing and the posers…
I’m not hating on Portrait only photographers… I would do it ALL the time if there were a better market for it all.

Supply and Demand
And there probably is a decent market. But see the thing is every person photography wants to do it, but not everyone wants to do weddings.
The need for individual shoots isn’t very high and the price is pretty low.
It’s understandable… it’s supply and demand.
Meaning not as much demand and yet the supply is huge.
Sure we can focus on it until our quality leads to higher prices.
But i guess I just am too lazy… either that or I do love weddings. The concept and the challenge.

 004_7S27556 014_7S27775

There are difficulties
There are some things that make individual portraits hard.
For instance if they aren’t good at posing they have no one there to interact with to make them more comfortable. So it’s more sink or swim. Hit or miss.
I can usually tell a couple to interact with eachother… when it’s one person… I can’t do that can I?


Not everyone should nor can do poses like these

In the end

I’m more or less saying I would LOVE to do more of these types of shoots.
So come on down good looking people wanting pictures.
Where are you at? Don’t you just want some fun pictures to put on your blog or facebook?
Get some good pictures for those dating sites… invest in your future, invest in yourself. haha 😉

 020_7S22286 007_7S22373

 028_7S27642 021_7S27690

Side note : Photosession – Psychology

I wish we could charge by how fun and creative the model/subject is. But that could get me into a lot of trouble. So would discounting for attractive single girls in dating range. haha
Cuz I sure learn a ton about a person during a photo session.
Because i’ve been behind the camera hundreds of times and seen how people react. Now I notice patterns and see what people are like. There are many ways people react… some are healthy and some are not.
And a lot of the time it stems from issues they have or the way they view themselves.
So it’s almost like a little psych profile. Not like I’ll pick a girl by her photosession alone. But it is interesting.

I mean look at this crazy character and how much of a ham he is in front of the lens







  1. Julian G. says

    Nice post. Well rounded even if it started off “hating” haha. A lot does depend on the person(s), whether it be modeling or wedding day. When you’re alone with a model though, you become the person he/she interacts with (to a point obviously or we’d all be in trouble as you mentioned). It’s up to us to make them comfortable in front of the glass (kind of like that photowalk session at the library where Rich had you demonstrate the shoot and you interacted with the model more than the first guy.

    And yeah…if so many of these shoots weren’t almost basically TFP, I think we’d all like to do more…

  2. Allen Taylor says

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  3. Kristina says

    Haha. I like this post. (Yep, I’m still reading. Haven’t been as good at commenting lately, though.)
    You’d enjoy shooting my sister, I’d bet. Her poses remind me of the blond in this post.

  4. Suzanne says

    I have to agree that doing one person is easier but if the one person is a 2 year old, that changes EVERYTHING!! These pictures are great Scott. I have to say you are looking pretty hot in both B&W ones! Thank you as always, for sharing so much with everyone.

  5. Richie says

    Nice stuff here – you’ve prolly already looked at it, but corner the headshot market (not just modeling) – there’s tons of demand for that in UT


  6. Becky says

    I saw some of these photos on facebook and I loved them! She looks so smoken’! Oh, and I loved the location. And I read your whole post about how much you hated studio photography just to figure out where it was….and then you didn’t tell me! I love the studio! Although I must say there is a time and place. And it can be totally annoying when people take too much time with it. I once had to wait forever while some photographer tried to use lighting at the reflecting pool at the slc temple. I was a little annoyed.

  7. scott says

    Oh Becky I wouldn’t say hate. haha
    Actually it can be fun a lot of times.

  8. mickelle says

    Ditto Suzanne… but also ditto your comment about sink or swim. I shot one guy who wanted to be a model but I’ve never seen anyone more stiff and emotionless — it was absolutely painful. (JaG)

  9. Kimbrey says

    Loved hearing your perspective on individual portraits vs couples. JaG

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