Antique Store Engagements


They picked out this cool spot and had me come out… it fits them well and we all had a ton of fun.




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A note about the location:

I know some will be asking where this is:
Some random antique store in Orem.
It’s not a place that is used to photographers.
The girl in these pictures talked directly to the owners and asked for permission.

If someone is serious enough about gaining access to the store let me know.
If you can sweet talk the owners into allowing more photographers come and not getting thrown out.
Maybe tell them we’ll give them $10-20 each time we come.
That could be cool. But until then let’s not over-run the small little store and make them mad.


  1. Jess says

    Nice locale! Any chance they had some cool couches for sale at said antique store? I’m on the lookout for one…

  2. Kaitlyn Janis says

    Where was this antique store? I’ve been dying to know.

  3. scott says

    It’s in Orem.
    I can’t remember the name anymore.
    It’s on state street.

    With any place like this… the best strategy is to get on the owners good side and make sure to not burn bridges so the owners don’t have bad experiences with photographers so… they are more open to future photographers.

  4. Kimbrey says

    What a cute couple- and such a fun spot for pictures. Love the variety. JaG

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