Alaska Bridals & Tips


Thought it would be nice to put the two of these together with the engagements I just posted of them

Are they technically called “Formals” since the groom was there too? I’m not sure

But since I wasn’t going to be around for the wedding (conflict of weddings) while i was there I did these.


Yes I know… It looks somewhat fake eh?


We did shoot middle of the day because I went 4-wheeling later that day.
So I was happy for the chance to get into some shade.

I do like that she had these flowers… they look real don’t they?!


They really liked these types of plants… I thought they were awesome.
I put the f stop up high to catch a bit more of the sun and of course flash to light up the foreground (them)

To view the full gallery, go to

View the rest of the post for more tips etc


I swear this is a real scene… no backdrop or nothing.
Thanks to Carleen for helping with the flash… It was a bit hard for my flash to reach her flash 20+ft away to trigger it.
I’m waiting for pocketwizard flex to make it to Nikon.
But until then the CLS on Nikon rocks

 021_7S40881 019_7S40717


Again I remind you… middle of the day.
Alaska has lots of flying bugs like flies and mosquitos during the summer. FYI

I just made sure their faces were in such a direction they wouldn’t get bad shadows… and they didn’t have to look in this picture so no squinting etc.

 005alaska-70 088_7S40574

She liked her parisol and her fan and her glovey thingies.

The 14-24 of a full frame makes it look like that one picture i took while up on a bench… but not so… just hold above the head and it just makes things look like you’re way up high like 10ft


 082alaska-206 048_7S40830

Though the tempature wasn’t super high the sun was strong and so we through them into a little bit of shade we found near the river (or right)


Seriously, had you not know… would you have guessed Alaska?

The place is called Hatcher Pass



  1. Jacie Saltzman says

    the background looks unreal! i love that 5th picture.

  2. Kristi says

    I love all the purple/pink flowers!

  3. Aaron Barker says

    I won’t complain about the lack of ice and snow this time. Beautiful green backgrounds and again amazing mountains. I gotta get up there one of these lifetimes.

  4. Mary Ann says

    I really love how vibrant the colors are. The really are beautiful.

  5. mickelle says

    That glimpse of the parasol is quite the finishing touch. I’m curious to see if/how you implemented it in the other shots. I’ll have to check out the complete set! (JaG)

  6. Kaitlyn Janis says

    These pictures are amazing. I just can’t get over how beautiful the location is. Not what I pictured Alaska to be like at all. It will be fun to go there some day…in the summer. :)

  7. Stacy says

    These look really good! Thanks for posting them with tips!

  8. Todd Tyler says

    When it comes time to upgrade my 50D, I’m definitely going full-frame, very nice. My faves are 1 and 5.


  9. Cari says

    wow! those are amazing! I want to go to alaska in the summer now! :)

  10. Melissa says

    Love them! Fireweed is my favorite flower, I like how it looks in the 4th frame. I am Jealous that you got sun on your Alaska Trip, I had rain, rain, rain. (JaG)

  11. Kimbrey says

    Very impressive. Even more impressive that you shot those in the middle of the day. I have a lot to learn about photography (hopefully some from you :) JaG

  12. Ashlee @ Ashlee Lauren Photography says

    The scenery is seriously fabulous! :)

  13. perfektphoto says

    Loving the scenery! Looked like it was a beautiful day. Nice photos;)

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