An amazing Alaskan adventure


It was amazing because it was my first ATV / 4-wheeling adventure.
It was Alaska.
It was 10hrs long and I saw sunrise and sunset and only a couple hours of dark.
I came back so dirty from dust and stuff… I thought that was pretty cool.
I went straight from the ATV ride to airport… no shower or nothing. That was funny.

And besides all that the pictures were kick butt!

I have gone a lot of places this year and I don’t think I’ve edited very many if any of the landscapes, being so busy with Job shoots.
But i took a break from all those shoots to sit down and have fun with these edits.
It took a lot longer than wedding pictures take, but pulling an all-nighter helped.

I did a lot of work on these so I want to show them all off… but I can’t here on the blog so you’ll have to see them on SmugMug


 009alaska-316 002alaska-66

This was early morning on the way back.

Sun was finally dipping behind the mountains. I shoved my camera down on the ground in front of these plants and hoped for the best. haha

Sun was barely coming back early early in the morning.
We were in a rush that morning to get me back to my plane… but I had to make a few stops on the trail to get these.
Kind of bummed the ATV acceleration is done with my camera hand, makes shooting while driving much harder than in a car. haha


This actually wasn’t the ATV trip, it was right after when we went to return the ATV
Taken with me half way out of a moving truck shooting opposite direction over the fields.
FYI: Camera was set to cloudy White Balance for the warm feel and the shutter speed way up since it was a moving vehicle.


This is what they were talking about when they wrote of Purple Mountain Majesty!

 033alaska-309 029alaska-246


This was our final destination.

(See more after the break)


Another group had just finished when we started out.


Believe me only a small portion of the trip looked like this.


A lot of it was like this… at times much much deeper.


Next time maybe I’ll find someone to fly me over the glaciers… but even so… ATVing is awesome.


Dang that sunset just didn’t end. It was hanging there with it’s warm glow for hours.
Just like they all said.

More to come… pictures of the actual ATVing
But you can see them all here on smugmug now

Like this one

These ones do show the trail off


  1. Melissa Kelsey says

    Great to see these and love your commentary. My favorite is the dandelion-like plants in front of the mountains. Beautiful!

  2. Connor says

    ::: adds Alaska to the long list of places to visit :::

  3. Mandy Waters says

    So beautiful! It’s good to see that you find some time to play.

  4. Aaron Barker says

    Is there anything that Jarvie can’t make look awesome… I think not!

  5. mickelle says

    Your first time on ATV’s, huh? You sound addicted! These landscape shots are awesome! Whoever gets the smugmug print will have a hard time choosing! (JaG)

  6. sloanie says

    Gorgeous photos! So great to see your passion really shine in these photos, thanks so much for sharing. I might have to hit Alaska someday myself…

  7. sloanie says

    p.s. you did some great self portraits. How’d you set them up– tripod? remote or timer? and most of all how you nailed the focus 😉

    This one is awesome– except for the sunglasses on your head, it looks straight from an old black and white horror film:

    Great stuff!

  8. Eric Hamilton says

    Looks like a blast, Scott! Makes me want to visit Alaska.

  9. Melissa says

    These are Fantastic! They almost make me want to win the print over the class… but not quite.

  10. Kimbrey says

    Your pictures are beautiful. I would love to see those sights someday.

  11. Mary Ann says

    These pictures are fantastic!!! I love all the landscape pictures, but I love the pictures of you with the atv. The top one is really cool and the next one…if that thing is going while the picture is being taken, you’re crazy!!!

  12. Zig says

    Great shots on your snug mug acct Scott. You should mount and frame some of those.

  13. Amb says

    Incredible!! I loved them all!

  14. Dustin Bess says

    I love the orange one with the sun behind the plant.

  15. Jacie Saltzman says

    i still cant believe uve never been atving before! but what better way to start than an alaskan 10 hr adventure i guess. those shots are all amazing! plus it looked way fun! mud makes everything better! (except wedding dresses)

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