Sacramento Wedding

We came back later in the day… Thus no one around.
I think i’ve seen every schedule possible for a wedding day… but I must admit this was the first time I took group pictures and then left for the luncheon and then came back for the couple pictures.
I liked it… a bit less rush.

 013_7S48930 002_7S48824

For those that didn’t hear it last time… Sacramento LDS temple is probably one of my favorite temples to shoot at!

 039_7S48975  004_7S49031  037_7S48880  032_7S48804

My philosophy on group pictures is: Let them decide, I’ll just make it look good.
I don’t want to put groups into situations they think are gonna be terribly cheesy.
But if they think of it themselves they’re probably good with it.

This way I get new ones each time and if they’re a more traditional group I’m not putting them into some elaborate set up they won’t even appreciate when a straight line is probably all they want.

Sometimes the good ol’ fashion jump is amongst the best… and this is amongst the most entertaining of them… as far as faces go.

To view the entire album go to

 007_7S48535  038_7S48935  022_7S48348  064_7S48454

 073_7S48565 036_7S48854

Isn’t this a cool location to take group pictures?

 001_7S48306  010_7S48765  012_7S48874  011_7S48786


  1. Kristi V says

    I love the bride group and the groom group shots! They look like they had fun doing that too!

  2. Kyla Stevens says

    I love the first picture it is so romantic! And the one with the couple on the stairs with the trellis framing in the picture. Just beautiful.

  3. Stacy says

    I really love the rich, vibrant colors. I love the pose in front of the fountain and love the one just underneath it where they are sitting with the flowers above. Gorgeous! And it just wouldn’t be a Jarvie shoot without the signature camera over the head shot!

  4. Tara says

    Really like that temple. I think I am going to have to make a trip down there. And looks like you had one HOT couple! Gorgeous pictures like always.

  5. Melissa says

    I can totally see why this is one of your favorite locations. (JaG)

  6. Mandy Waters says

    Love these pictures….so fun!

  7. Torsten says

    Awesome Temple there great job on these. (JaG)

  8. Kimbrey says

    I love to see the personality that comes out of the pictures you take! JaG

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