Andie – Trevor & Working the reception




I realized I don’t share my detail shots in there half as much as I should… or that I see other sites do.

I suppose this is kind of My shot for rings and flowers. Not sure when and where I came up with it… but I’m open to other ring shots that are good and worthwhile to set up.
Or maybe I should just keep going with something that works.

This is a statement against posing people all the time.
Or it’s a statement to be ready for when they let their guard down at all times.

 014_7S43822 015_7S44238

It’s always fun to pick on the fun grandma … and of course get your fair share of the little kids.
Everyone will love you for it!

This was the videographers’ idea… I just roll with it!

Seriously real… I didn’t quite understand the idea when he originally told me.

But it worked eh?
This was right before the reception was going to begin.

 024_7S44489 027_7S44493
Search enough and there are nice places to be found almost anywhere, even ones in the shade.



 029_7S44558 030_7S44581


Most of the time I don’t tell my subjects what to do… but for this one I decided to tell them all to look up.

 039_7S44829 036_7S44685

I do pay attention and work the RECPTIONS! haha

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  1. Tara says

    Gorgeous photos. And are her eyes seriously like that? That is AWESOME! I want eyes like that.
    The Grandma’s look like fun!

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