Fun with Flash


I try to make it to Photo meetups in the area when I can.

One of my favorites is the Strobist Meetup.

I’ve only been to 3 of them… but they’ve always been very informative for me.
Or at least a great chance to play with lights and do things I wouldn’t normally do in my shoots.

 013_7S46137 012_7S46116

 009_7S46102 033_7S46101

 035_7S46111 037_7S46141

It’s not just girls I take pictures of… but i actually took some of some of the dudes.

 006_7S46063 027_7S46060

 001_7S46004 003_7S46019

 016_7S46154 017_7S45952


  1. Kimbrey says

    Very cool pics. You captured that sunset beautifully.

  2. Kristi says


  3. Melissa says

    Strobist meetups are going to have to become a “must attend” thing for me.

  4. Mary Ann says

    These are so cool!!! Can anyone attend these group get togethers?

  5. Tara Winsor says

    Seriously, can anyone attend these? Or do you have to meet certain requirements? I love the ones of her jumping, you captured the water droplets coming off of her feet. Awesome.

  6. scott says

    Yes they can indeed.
    Check out the flickr group… Utah Strobist or something like that.

  7. Edith says

    Good job!!!, I love the sunset. The picture is so natural!!

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