New Opportunities at JarvieDigital

I am looking for Interns, possibly a Personal Assistant, and web programmers.
See more info in the full blog post below.

Photographic Internships

My present summer intern is going back to school in Indiana at the end of the month… so sad.

– Roughly 150hr commitment

– Work in the office kinda thing

– I provide experience and training and you help with some projects and keeping up with business

-You learn the biz and/or becoming a better photog or at least photo-editor

– You get 1st say on assisting at photo shoots

– Re-evaluate upon half way mark and at end of 150hr commitment, possible continued internship or paid internship or job offer, or we both go our own way because you’re already a pro or something


Send me something that says I deserve this spot… surprise me what you come up with, photo gallery that shows taste, an insightful essay that shows me your personality that will make me want to work with you, your astounding resume that will make me wonder why you’re applying to intern with lil’ ol me.

I want to know what you’re already good at and how well and fest you will learn the other skills.

– You will be working at an in Home office in Lehi or perhaps if I move to another location nearby.

Tasks will all be centered around the photographic industry and much of the time wedding photography.

    • Including but not limited to:
    • Selecting pictures
    • batch editing photos
    • regular editing photos
    • organizing pictures
    • blog writing
    • photo website upkeep
    • some correspondence (Including to schedule inerviews w/ famous photogs)
    • workshop preparations
    • Help with podcasts (including audio editing and podcast publishing)

My hope is to help you become proficient in:

    • Lightroom picture editing,
    • photo organizing,
    • understanding how to operate a photo business,
    • creating and publishing podcasts,
    • knowing how to set up and upkeep a photo blog and website,
    • how to interact with clients
    • and of course while we’re at it how to take better pictures.


    • I need someone pleasant to be around,
    • good with computers,
    • very interested in photography,
    • trustworthy,
    • smart
    • and who can attain those # of hours in a consistent schedule and do so even traveling to Lehi Utah. (Or if i move nearbye)

For questions about what an internship could be like talk to my most recent intern Carissa Fine (Maybe she’ll say a word or two in the comments later)

Personal Assistant

Not as in high demand as it once was, as I have found ways to easier complete with many of these duties myself and interns can cover several areas.

But within the list of possibilities in this probable positions are

Preparing discs for mail

Sending out mail

Running for errands

Secretary type duties like filing and data entry

Blog writing or book making can also be put in there.

Corresponding with people at times

Training others on how to do data inputting

Working with my schedule

I’ve gone away from work from home jobs… you must now be willing to come here to work.
Some projects might be allowed for work from home.

Audio editing

-PAY : is to be determined… and will be based on qualifications and how good and fast of a learner you are.


I am looking to continue programing on 2 different web projects
I have several blogs being worked on already and perhaps they too may need extra help.

Both projects have already been worked on extensively, I need to continue on them.

I would be extra interested interested in exchange/trade options, but if it’s a great cash rate then I’m willing to listen.

One thought is to find someone needing an interim full time job. (While they look for a more permanent position.)
Meaning I can probably only support a full time programmer for so long.

I am more interested in offering a Job than contracted work because I know most good contracted programmers burn the candle at 20 ends.
Plus if I can make it work I have enough work for all day every day for a couple of months and the monthly rate is much better than the hourly.

I would want someone to work on location as I am weary to hire any more work at home employees (blame those who came before you 😉
But am willing to entertain a proposition of at home for part of the time if assurances are put in place.

I am a flexible and understanding individual but hitting pre-determined marks for time worked would be a necessity.

My projects are done in PHP and MySQL but knowledge of other things can come in handy.

Design is a Huge plus as well as Photography.

If your name is Ben Crowder consider yourself hired at what ever rate your getting now plus some.
Though I’m not sure how long funds will allow me to keep you employed 😉
I’d probably sell my left kidney to extend that time. haha

Benefits might pale in comparison but the projects will be beneficial and become very large and become very well known if that has any bearing.

The job might also entail being in charge of organizing the work of other short term programmers. (Exchange of services for wedding photography they can only work so long)


  1. Wendy says

    Hi Scott,
    sounds like fun and a great learning opportunity. I am a stay at home mom and my kids go back to school at the end of the month. It would be nice to have somthing to keep me busy doing what I love. And I would love to learn from a “master” haha. I have my own business but just started about a year ago so I am not too busy yet and I shoot primarily high school seniors, children and family, I have done one wedding but not sure I would want to go in that direction, but would be thrilled to assist! I know you said 150 hours but like what time and how many days are you expecting? If the hours work for me I would be very interested.

  2. Molly Hunter says

    I am interested in being an intern/personal assistant. I am currently a student at BYU studying photography. I just started getting into photography a little less than a year ago, and it is an AWESOME field to get involved with. I’m still figuring out my style, figuring out techniques and exploring which styles I love. I just spent a summer in an orphanage in El Salvador working as a class-giver/fun-planner. The kids who live at this orphanage have disabilities (mental and/or physical) and they are the coolest, most loveable kids I’ve ever known. I knew I had to somehow capture what I saw in them through my camera, and my very first project came to life. I got to spend an entire summer photographing the faces and spirits of these kids. If you feel so inclined, you can see the pictures I have taken:

    I’m no pro (like yourself) and I’m still learning (which is why I’m interested in an internship), but I LOVE photography and am ready to expand my knowledge in that area.


    PS-How flexible would the schedule be with the 150hrs? What days? Like I mentioned, I’m in school, so that would be a downfall depending on what schedule your expecting for the intern. Again, thanks for reading.

  3. scott says

    @ Wendy & Molly
    I’m thinking 1 or 2 days a week.
    Which means I could possibly do 2 interns maybe 3
    (Takes a lot of training on my part the more i do, but could be worth it)

    I prefer the 1 or 2 day approach instead of the every day for a short period of time approach, specially with an internship.
    Doesn’t burn you out and we can get large projects done in one day and not be left with things to do.

    Send an email my way.
    I am interested in knowing what you’d expect and gain from the experience. Tell me what would be your PERFECT schedule.
    The hope is to have enough projects and what not that you can just come on your assigned days whether I’m there or not. But have me be there half the time to help train and stuff.

  4. Heidi Walker says


    I still can’t believe you sold the D200 instead of the D300 but I guess more cash in your pocket is a good thing right? j/k

    So I’m really interested in the internship as well as the personal assistant. I have been doing photography (professionally, I think?) on my own for 1 year so I have a lot to learn! I’ve been wanting to get into the wedding field but have been hesitant because I want to ‘know’ the ropes before I go into a wedding….. no faking it till you make it on weddings! I think you are an amazing photographer and I would love to learn the in’s and out’s of the wedding business. I could commit to one day a week, more if needed. And I’d love to assist on shoots. Photography has always been an obsession of mine but it has grown into a passion! I love envisioning a shoot, planning, and making it all come together, I love editing till 3 a.m., blogging, and I really love meeting so many amazing peeps! Bottom line, I’d love it if you’d pick me!

  5. Wendy says

    Hi Scott,
    I am so totally there! Internship and/or personal assistant. I couldn’t find your email so I am answering here. I hope that’s ok. I don’t know what I can say that would make you choose me over anyone else except that I am highly motivated and quick at learning. I am genuinely interested in learning ablsolutely everything I can about, photography, the business, post processing, marketing etc. I already use lightroom2 but probably limited compared to what you do. I use it to organize and as my main post processing…However, I find myself still jumping over to CS4 to do more creative things. I have 2 kids in college. My daughter will start her sophmore year at BYU “GO Cougars!” And my son just returned from a Mexico mission and will be attending slcc. I also have a senior daughter and a sophmore son. So now that they are more independant I have much more free time for photography (plus they make great models, teehee). Not much of an astounding resume’ but lots of life experience haha. I twitter (sort of), facebook, manage my 2 blogs, and also my website (it’s a template, so not too tough, but I do it all myself). I am totally self taught,which I guess can be good or bad, lol ;). I watch every training video, podcast, youtube, that I can find to learn new ways of doing things. If you give me your email I can send you some of my marketing pieces, baby/senior announcements etc. or you are welcome to visit any of my sites I’m pretty sure you can get to all of them from my facebook page. The only thing that I can think of that would keep you from choosing me is that I am a Canon girl :), lol, and I know you use Nikon (I’ll forgive you)…. but hopefully you wouldn’t hold that against me haha. Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Amanda Roskelley says

    Hey Scott

    I’m really interested in the intern position and i’m wondering if there is still a spot to start in the fall. I go to BYU, i’m a film major, and i’m very interested in photography. Let me know if you’re still looking, and I’ll get back to you with my attempt to stun and amaze you.

    Thanks so much!

  7. McCall Parrish says

    Hi Scott. I’m a senior in high school and my passion is photography. I was wondering if you’re still looking for an intern. It would be a great privilege for me to learn from a professional. Just let me know if you’re still searching. :] Meanwhile, I tried to start my own little sort of business for my friends senior pictures. You can check it out if you’d like to get a feel for my talent in photography and such. :) ha.


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