Steppin’ it up


‘Things are clicking. (Pun intended)

I’ve got some fancy new toys like new lenses and lighting stuff.

I’m working better with all the people coming to assist.
It’s a lot of work getting each person to know what to do specially when it seems i have to deal with someone new each time.
But i’m getting better at it and showing them their job faster and better.
While still keeping the connection with my clients.

Things are starting to get even busier around here with 3 weddings each week for the next few weeks.
It’s just about the right time to start getting in a groove.

And I think I’m in a groove, taking things to the next level.

I’ve been spending a bit more time on lighting my pictures.

ALSO, after years trying to get faster at editing… I think I’ve slowed down.
Sometimes I’ll edit all the pictures then go back through and see what I missed.
Checking a second time to see how I can improve the pictures.

Yes maybe I don’t have tons of time for it at the moment but i think it will help step up the level for times to come.

The plan is to do Fewer jobs and focus on them a little more.
(Which happens to mean an increase in price, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. haha)

I hope you all have enjoyed what you’ve been seeing these days.

The following set is from the SLC library in case you wanted to know the location.

Finding and working a new location on a whim… Pays off.
Don’t you just love the reflection off of the glass.

 002_7S49230 003_7S49234
The one on the right looks almost fake. For some reason it just came out that way. I did add a bit of vignette.

 051_7S49255 056_7S49356 043_7S49162 039_7S49414

I admit it’s not the perfect wedding picture, but as a regular kinda modely picture for some reason I love it

Girls love their veil, their ring and romantic moments… so that’s a 3 in 1

 013_7S49473 021_7S49184
We were inside on this 100 degree day most of the time. But they liked some of the outside shots the best in the short period of time we were out there.

 062_7S49449 060_7S49430 059_7S49397 069_7S49138

 019_7S49172 007_7S49334

 033_7S49292 035_7S49343
You can see I played a bunch with lighting on that first one. Nice snooted flash hitting her face

 009_7S49358 010_7S49370

 022_7S49211 034_7S49321 020_7S49172 006_7S49319


Another Formals Session


 001_7S48254 002_7S48082

Two completely different scenes and both pretty crazy lighting situations I had to work withand created.

Every previous sister to get married has had their bridals taken here with this same shot.
Having never seen the others I wonder how different this shot is from the rest.

 010_7S48037 003_7S47919

 007_7S47972 023_7S48196

 021_7S48190 017_7S48118


Direct late day sunlight hitting one area is a beautiful thing

Twilight is the best color





  1. trent says

    amazing shots. love to see how you’re playing with light. thanks for sharing

  2. Wendy says

    Amazing photos…. next time you need an assistant….

  3. sloanie says

    Fun to see how you’re advancing your craft– if you’re not learning you’re dying, right? Onwards and upwards 😉

    And that first picture is rad– I love how the vignette combined with the lines in the background create sort of a starburst effect– awesome!

  4. sloanie says

    Oh, and as for the “not the perfect wedding picture”… also just an excellent shot. Sure it’s not the cliche wedding shot, but that’s what makes it great. It really does stand out. It’s almost like most wedding pictures say “wedding”– and the people in the photos are just details of the wedding. This is more like a picture revealing two unique individuals where “wedding” is a detail– and important one telling us about their relationship, but the main focus being on the individuals who transcend that single moment in time. Does that make sense?

    Just excellent. While I understand that the couple and especially the bride will want those photos that convey “wedding” and “romance”– I think this is a great addition. It does feel more like a fine art photograph and not only a wedding photo.

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