Charity Shoot Day 1 – Recap


This is a quick recap of the pictures taken yesterday afternoon in Little Cottonwood Canyon

While the rest of the days of the Charity Shoot plan to be very sunny it was cloudy and had just finished snowing up at little cottonwood

All the colors were covered in white… but I was surprised that everyone seemed ok with it and many were very pleased… I guess it worked because they were going to be used for Christmas cards anyway.

There were several families and several groups of roommates and even a group of 3 sisters.

I had a lot of fun and was actually able to stay pretty warm considering.

 001_7156132 002_7156219

This little guy got scared for some reason (maybe it was my face) and had a hard time, but I was still able to catch a couple happy faces.

Today’s shoot will be up in American Fork Canyon … it’ll be a sunny day but I expect there might still be some white on the ground. (I hope)

 003_7156281 004_7156403
Jody was right at home in the snow being from Alaska

 006_7156557 005_7156499

Amalia was a beautiful model… easy to get good pictures.

 007_7156589 008_7156596

And she brought her roommate too

 009_7156609 011_7156660

This girl came for some glamour shots

 012_7156688 010_7156633

And she was even nice enough to bring her Mom and Dad

 013_7156708 014_7156740

I shot these in the studio on some seamless paper… haha … ok Snow

 018_7157110 019_7157127

 016_7157072 020_7157230



People bring their friends and family for moral support, we all know jessica just wanted pictures of herself. haha


 023_7157418 025_7157536

Nicole brought her roomates and hit the last bits of light in the canyon

 029_7157685 030_7157693



  1. sloanie says

    Looks like a great jam-packed day! I have to apologize for missing my slot this morning– I drove around for an hour and a half and failed to find your studio space (so much for Google). I’d love to still donate, though (or help in some other way).

  2. Jennifer Sawaya says

    LOVE the work this far!! I am so worried that i wont be able to find your studio in the morning though..

  3. scott says

    525 W Bullriver rd

    East on Alpine Highway .9 mile from thanksgiving pt exit (east) turn on 1500 which happens to turn into bullriver… and then .9 miles to my house.

    Sloanie if you want to come again tomorrow you are more than welcome. Today wasn’t good anyway maybe it was for best you didn’t come, now I have some more equipment and will be better prepared.

  4. Jacqueline du Plessis says

    Scott, it always amazes me how many people I see on here that I know – too bad I didn’t come with them – then again I already had a charity shoot all to myself :) Ashley and I go way back! Have fun in Mexico.

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