Day 4 Charity Shoot Recap – One small area 1 day 11 shoots


It was a busy busy day.

Day 4 of the charity shoot had me in the Studio for only one shoot and outside for 11.
It’s a really amazing experience to take 11 shoots in the same location. seeing 4 hours of changing lighting affect one area.

I was doing really short shoots so I couldn’t go far so that incoming groups could find me. Therefore I didn’t wander around as much as I usually do.
It really stretches the photographic ability to keep shooting in the changing lighting situations and keep shooting in a small radius and keep things fresh and now just go with what you did on the last one.

Of course I focused on the highlights of the area such as the mountain backdrop and the sections of trees that were still changing color.

The Location

This location is awesome because the mountains start blocking the sun about 3 hours before sunset (on average) which means it was perfect lighting starting around 4pm

The above picture was about half way through the shoot and already the mountain was providing a great backdrop with only a little bit of light compensation on the subject.
(More examples when fully edited)

Below is the last shoot of the night when it was pretty dark and sun had already been set for a bit… we were working on twilight light by then with a bunch of external lighting.


 003_7151036 001_7150980


But I did start experimenting even more with how to make studio interesting and new.
Since I’m not a studio photog and have never even read a book or watched a blog on studio setups I was just winging it.

I guess that’s how I did my whole photo existence just coming up with random ideas.

But I must admit I’ve heard of the idea of lighting the backgrounds and even seen a good friend David Terry setting up a studio setup at Suzanne’s house shooting through something colorful to get some background color.
So I had these filter strips perfect for my SB-900’s which I got from Pictureline for pennies (well worth a stop at the Draper pictureline to grab, even if you never use them… like me up until this point, at least you bought a photo thing for a couple dollars when everything else is too expensive)

So anyway I’m playing around and having people pick random pictures and shooting the backgrounds. I’ll continue to experiment of course.


The Seasoned Charity Shoot PRO

Ashley is the only one to have been to all 3 of my charity shoots… at the first one I didn’t even know her.

She’s a way awesome model when she’s sure of herself and not worried she’s acting to vain in front of Angie who acts it up even more than Ashley.

So having been to all 3 Charity shoot either she’s super duper smart and/or cheap… haha.
But in any case it has always been a fun shoot with Ashley and Angie around!

 006_7151206 005_7151187

I was excited to do this shoot because I was offered to do baby shoots a while back but never could get the time or whatever, and I was happy to be doing pictures for a good friend, and even though this little girl is now a bit older I’m glad we could at least get some.


 023_7152426 026_7152511

Model Photographers

Many might think Angela looks familiar and that’s because she’s featured in several parts on my blog ever since I did her wedding in California.
We refer to her as the “Beach Bride”

But angela is also a photographer and so is Liz the girl in the blue, and for that matter so is adrienne and Monica who came for shoots as well.
In fact yesterday 2 of my interns came with their families to get pictures taken. (We missed you Heidi and family)

In fact many people that took advantage  of the charity shoot were photogs.

I think it’s an amazing learning experience for a photographer to have pictures taken of themselves, I think it helps to be in the shoes of the future clients.
Now you know the feedback you should be giving when you’re the photographer.

You can tell Liz and Angela know what a good expression looks like and are able to capture it in the pictures.

I’ve always enjoyed shooting angela because she’s so creative and I think that will make her a great photographer one day.

And Liz was a joy to take pictures of because she had so many looks and was so fun to be around. The Camera loves you all… (as the saying goes)


 016_7151873 004_7151115


I did a bunch of family pictures, you can tell I loved the high grass and the scenic views.


Wendy and Paola are interning (above and below) and they and their families were very good subjects.
They all let loose and came up with some pretty fun stuff… (I put the more traditional stuff here)



Dealing with kids – What I observed

Monica and Ash are friends and they mentioned the youngest would be a handful and that their kids were not a delight for most photographers.

Well the news is, they did just fine… they were timid and relaxed compared to many kids I’ve dealt with.

My method is usually just be relaxed and low key and not strung out and the kids will feel it.

They feed on the frustrations of parents and others. They’ll get strung out with too much pushing in most cases.

So I played it cool and let him do his thing most of the time.
Yes the smile was a bit over the top and he could be distracted from time to time. But it was really little comparitively.

And maybe the goofing of prevents some desired pictures but I think it went well and I think the cold and the time limit prevented more good pics.

Besides I couldn’t seem to get the older brother so smile a ton.
When it comes down to it… every kid is different but I’ve found what works for me and that’s making kids part of the decision making talking directly to them and making them feel a part of it and limiting the amounts of (get that hand out of your mouth)

I think you only have a certain amount of “Stop doing that” shout outs before they stop listening.

It’s a long discussion and a series of many thoughts to describe that I’m still trying to formulate in words so it’s understandable.

One thing is for sure is that for little toddlers the goofy faces and dorky phrases seem to work to get them to look. And Heidi is the master at it. I’m still learning, I just need to let go and not worry that everyone will think I’m too cheesy.




And that’s a wrap… so for the after party it’s time to celebrate with some Brick Oven ROOT Beer

(oh yeah and some apple bear) and pasta and Great new friends Rachelle and Liz, you gals are awesome and thanks for letting me tag along.


  1. sloanie says

    Glad to see you got some experimenting in with the studio, that’s sorta what I had in mind. Cool stuff! Looks like another great day of shooting. (p.s., the beard is awesome.)

  2. Adrienne says

    Okay now I am super excited to see the rest! Great job Scott! I had a lot of fun :)

    If you ever need any help… :)

  3. trent says

    these posts have been great. another great idea from SJ. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah Payne says

    Wow! So beautiful!!! I can hardly wait for tomorrow to get here. Thanks for all your hard work. You’re so talented to be able to get such beautiful shots in the small amount of time that you have.

    P.S. you must have a way with kids!

  5. Mary Ann says

    These are fantastic!!!

  6. Taylor Hanson says

    Hey Scott, are these all the ones from that day that are going to be published?

  7. scott says

    @Taylor – haha ummm no it’s just a Recap
    The rest will take a lot of time to get edited.
    Specially with me being gone for a week and there being 8000+ pictures

  8. Taylor Hanson says

    Haha oh all right, sorry 😛

  9. Liz says

    It was a lot of fun Scott. It was nice meeting you and the photos are all so great and beautifully lit. Fun having the after party as well!

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