Day 6 Recap – The final 10 shoots


 021_7154551 023_7154573

The last day of the charity shoot went very well.
I was pushing myself to take new and unique pictures in a location I had done 10 shoots in 2 days previous.

I did a few more family shoots which isn’t something I specialize in… but I’m learning to like it, and at the same time conform them to what I do like, which is the Family Lifestyle Photography format.

And of course I totally enjoyed getting the aspiring models to come take pictures. (As seen above)


Thanks to dad for coming up with this laugh! As the photographer you don’t know what will get the kids to errupt in laughter… or tears for that matter.

 017_7154425 015_7154331

The whole family was crazy photogenic and that helped. Look at these two models!

 011_7154277 012_7154284

 013_7154303 014_7154311

No need to put a lot of effort into posing these kids up… they’ll do their thing and I hope to get them as they Are, and make them good pictures while i’m at it.

 010_7154268 007_7154069

Nice big landscapes don’t mean the group has to be tiny, but sometimes a bit smaller in the frame can help show off why we drove all that way and make it not only a portrait, but a work of art.



Tender moments with mom and dad.

 001_7153821 027_DSC4765



It’s about personality, don’t take a picture of them with Your personality you told them to have, but give them just enough directions and enough unknowns that they fill in their own personality.



 018_7154492 019_7154501

If they’re good at being comfortable and showing personality in front of a camera, smack dab in the middle of the field is perhaps the best place for them.
It can be easier with things to lean up against or sit on or stand next to, but like this young lady, she could have awesome pictures anywhere.


I had to remember I wasn’t doing engagements. I’m still not sure how to seperate a young married couple family portraits from an engagement session.
I think I had the couples kiss less and did a few more scenic or artsy shots. Thoughts on this question?




I swear I didn’t do it!

Sad… and yet probably one of the future treasured pictures to use years down the line (good or devious)

 026_DSC4753 031_DSC4870

Why does the child always have to match what the adults do… how about the other way around.

 004_7153998 005_7154031

My niece and nephew in law!


This is a much smaller and yet more un-attentive dog than tuesday’s dog. But I loved this one of this little growing family.


I did lots of past wedding clients family pics. Many might remember her as the opening picture on my wedding website.
I used the charity shoot to say thanks and give back to many who have helped in the past and referred people my way.

So if you’re wanting a small photo shoot, refer a wedding we’ll see what I can do 😉




Her roommates were telling her how great a model she was so we made sure she got some great pics and some fun ones too!
And in fact… she does do a good job at it!

“Bye”…. the little one says… “Until next year” – (If i can find the energy and sufficient lunacy)

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  1. Sarah Payne says

    Let me just say…WOW!!! These are fabulous!!! I am psyched out of my mind about these. You are such a talent. Thanks SO much, Scott. We had a load of fun. You made us feel comfortable, and the kids didn’t get overwhelmed like they normally do. In fact, your the first EVER to capture all of them smiling in one shot. We will definitely be passing the word!

    P.S. Thank you for converting my husband.

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