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There’s overcast and then there’s White Overcast… where the sky is pure white with no definition to it and it provides no unique or warm glow like some types of cloudy days. So to say it was challenging is correct.


 008_3S23588  011_3S23624

 013_3S23664  015_3S23712

As you can tell I’ve really been loving twilight these days.
I searched around for the area with the most frost on the trees in bountiful.
Some random country road.


We pulled up to the location and it just kinda occurred to me that the car had lots of light power… why not use it.
I know it’s nothing terribly ground breaking but it was the first time for me.

I used the car lights on all the twilight/night pictures.

Stay tuned for the reception and luncheon pictures… I tried a new lighting style that I’ve never done before and they turned awesome.

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  1. Scott Wolf says

    I love the backlighting, what White Balance did you set your camera on?

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