Snow Formals – Extended Preview


Let this be a lesson to never cancel just cuz of weather.
Just be prepared.
Know how to make it work.

It might mean you have to different stuff than on a more normal day.
But that’s how a good photographer and a good photo shoot goes… Roll With The Punches.


This was slated as an 8 hr formals shoot.
I didn’t realize it was a 2 and a half hour drive so it ended up being 6 and a half hours long.
I had several people asking me how in the world we’d be able to go for that long when most times it’s more like 2hrs.
Well I just told them several times to be prepared to work hard too… that’s 6-8hrs of modeling, it’s a two way road.

They were naturals and since they knew and picked how long it would last they never once complained and were totally into it.
What an awesome photo shoot.

By the end her hair was totally wet and nothing like when they started… but we adapted and adjusted just fine.
And we actually all stayed pretty warm.
We had a lot of traveling in between spots… abt 2hrs driving in the car… that was the saving grace.
Being able to warm up from time to time and to reset and find new places with new pictures.


Just cuz it’s snowing doesn’t mean you’re excused from not laying on the ground.
You better have prepared for what you’re wearing to get down and make the shot happen.
If she’s in a wedding dress in 6 inches of snow you can lay down once or twice.

Thank goodness for a lightstand so that the assistant can park the car while you take advantage of the last reminents of twilight.

 006_DSC4406 005_DSC4212

On the left is a spot he was planning on for a while and very excited about.
On the right is a spot he’s probably past a hundred times and never even noticed… but I saw on the way down and new we’d need to stop there. Both winners!


I took 1400 pictures many reasons
They were really good looking
We shot for so long
I loved the locations
When snow is falling you have to take a bunch to avoid the snowflakes showing up in bad spots like in front of their eyes.

But the picture above was in the first minute of shooting and is amongst my favorites.

 009_DSC4464 007_3S24544


They did a great job at expressing emotions in their pictures… and that’s something you can’t really pose.

 010_DSC4623 011_DSC4759

Backlighting… my new play around thing.

There’s tons more pictures from the day as you can guess check out a small highlights gallery here
View the rest of the blog post to see more too.

i’ll be editing a couple hundred more for them when I get back from my travels.
If there’s interest I’ll share more.

 015_3S24507 014_3S24319

On the right is outside of his house. I sometimes worry if they think I’m crazy where I choose to put them.
Whether they think… why in the world are we doing our photos in my own front yard. haha

 020_3S24900 018_3S24833

We found a place where we could be out of the snow for a little while and show off those shoes.


Can’t really put a finger on why I like this one so much.
And it’s more than the flare.


Figuring it’d be hard to fill 6hrs of shooting, well we ran out of time.
They were so good with pictures, so good looking and so many great spots we could have kept going.

But now we all suffer the consequences… Which pictures are they going to print and use for their reception.
That’ll be tough on them I suppose.

I’ve been using my car headlights for light on the last couple of shoots.
Now I need a good big difuser so that it’s not so pointed or strong.


When you think of something get it done then.
The plan was to do the thank you at the temple… well that was my thinking.
But I thought to myself when they mentioned the sign… might as well get it done then so that way if something happens and we can’t do it at the temple at least it will be done.
And well… that happened and this was the only spot we got them done… and they all turned out great and a lot of fun. (This is just one example)


He had the hat on just to stay warm, and these were meant as pictures to test out the location before we had the bride get out of the warm car.
But each person that has seen it has commented on how much they like the pictures of him with the cap on.


I love going through the pictures and seeing things I hadn’t even planned… like the reflection of the two of them kissing in the glass.

 043_3S24616 039_3S24481


Getting the camera to focus is hard when it’s this dark.
Plus it was snowing so much I couldn’t hardly look through the viewfinder it was so wet.
I aimed for the edges of their head and hope it got them in focus.

Then one time I shot so fast the flash didn’t go off… Silhouette that’d be cool. Tadah!!


  1. Torsten Bangerter says

    Great stuff here scott. Love your work with the flash.

  2. Krista says

    WOW!!! These have got to be somewhere on the top of the best list. I am super impressed!

  3. Jacie Saltzman says

    oh i was gonna say, ive seen that place where they took the thank you pics. i guess thats what happens when ur married to someone from down there. ill bet shane knows them. gorgeous couple! gorgeous pictures! i really like all the pictures with trees in the background. fantastical!

  4. Lissa says

    I never wanted a winter wedding because I hate the snow, but these pictures made me think I coulda done it! The one with the back lit temple and the snow falling, it’s enchanting. Something from a fairytale. SOOO beautiful.

  5. Debbie Nowers says

    Great Pictures!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Such a cute couple.
    I probably wouldn’t have noticed his tie if I hadn’t seen her shoes.
    Nice touch.

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  7. Eric Quinney says

    Amazing to have models willing to work that long to make thier pictures be awesome! They got a great product. I love the extra mile stuff and the comment about adapting with the weather instead of waiting for the perfect day. What is the perfect day anyway? These turned out perfect for them.

  8. William Harris says

    I need a picture of a temple with snowflakes falling.

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