I’m going back to school!??!??

Words I never thought I would be saying:

“I’m going back to school next week”

In fact about a week or two ago I wasn’t planning on it.
But now I’m a school bound fool.

Learning from past roads

Good news though… It won’t be the typical schooling experience.
It will be heavy emphasis on the learning this time around.
Taking from the 16yrs of schooling experience in my life I believe this experience will go about things in a much improved system.

My personal belief is they shouldn’t just pump more money into a bad system… but change the system. Or perhaps take the old horse out back behind the shed carrying the trusty gun and a shovel.

If you can’t find the perfect solution … Create it!

Where When What Why How Who?

Happy that this time around I won’t be paying absorbent fees
It’ll be a system that focuses on application of knowledge in addition to acquisition.
It’ll be much faster. (4yrs?!? Why do we accept the standard that it should take 1200+ days to learn something well. Maybe for slow people… but what about us? )

This time around I’m not really the student per-se.
Well in a way I am since I’ll be learning lots.
But I guess I’ll be learning while in the roll of Teacher.
Ok more of a Director or President of the school, perhaps we can even say Founder.

It Begins

“Orientation” is friday night at 7:30pm
525 W Bullriver Rd Lehi

Staring next week: Classes, Office Interning, Field Trips, Photo Excursions and all the coolness

Response has exceeded my initial expectations.
I figured it would eventually get popular…
It seems people have really caught onto the vision quite quickly.

New challenges to solve

In the future present students will be involved in selecting the next students, but dang I wish I had a board of directors to select this first batch.
I face challenges I just don’t know the answer to.
Like how many student-interns there should be.
I thought at least 5 and I got that…
Now I need to figure out a maximum. 10? 15?

Good news is we’ll do a second round of student-interns probably ┬álate march early April.
So even if we can’t take everyone now we’ll have more spots then.

JarvieU – Explained

I will explain JarvieU (or jDigital U) the funnest way I know…
Through a list of benefits

  • The core is an internship of Photo-Editing and Workflow. (Hands on / real life)
  • And the hope is a focused fast and efficient approach to becoming really good at this stuff.
  • You’re joining a community of a dozen+ other people who think constantly about and who are passionate about photography.
  • Classes on EVERYTHING
  • Field trips (to meet people and industries involved in photography)
  • Photo Excursions (like mini-workshops and phototrips, chance to use new knowledge and tricks)
  • Assisting opportunities (Not just with me)
  • Guest speakers (Other photographers volunteering to teach or people related to the industry)
  • Use of studio
  • Group/School projects
  • Backup from a great community
  • Business discussions and presentations
  • Learn to Edit, Take better pictures, blog, use smugmug, wordpress.
  • Learn and work on a photography related emphasis (blogging, printing, audio-visual, business marketing etc)
  • Access to Photo-Books & online training.
  • Promotion of services
  • Job placement
  • Critique sessions
  • Photoshoot opportunities (stack your portfolio)
  • Pay-It-Forward student to student training
  • Essentially learn EVERYTHING to become a successful photographer

Fun Times Ahead

It should be a wild and fun few months ahead of me.
I’m sure I’ll be making lots of adjustments and figuring out how to go about and sharpen things up for round two in a couple of months.

I’m really excited not to help others and have lots of interns to help work on projects.
But because I feel like I’ll be learning tons from all the classes and events.


You’re invited to come to the orientation and learn more… whether you’re interested to be a student-intern now or next time.
You’re also invited to come if you’re a photographer who might want to present to the school or be involved with the assisting program where you always have an interested and trained assistant willing.

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