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This is the year I start making time for my next push.
Family Lifestyle Photography

Last year while shooting a wedding in Southern California I stayed with the Vance family.
In addition to doing a comercial shoot for the mother’s Jewelry Business
I had a couple of short opportunities to take pictures of the family.

These pictures will serve to better help families see the vision of a Family Lifestyle Session by JarvieDigital
This being of course on a much smaller scale than a full day – many activity shoot.


So first off the dad is very much into gardening, it’s his passion I’m told.
So of course we went out into the garden and took a bunch.
Being someone that is a bit “Shy” around the camera I think he opened up a lot when it was him in the garden.
Even still it was very quick, but as long as he was getting something done it made a lot more sense.


Of course random portraits of everyone in the family, typical and not.


No set up or posing usually required. This is their actual dinner, in fact a tradition around the house to make home made pizzas.
Oh the memories. “Remember when we would make Home Made Pizzas every sunday”
“Not only do I remember it, but here are the pictures of us” and the emotions of the event are included no extra charge. haha


Detail shots gallore

 014_7S45839 021_7S45807


The mom owns a Jewelry company… thus her with the jewelry she’s made.

And of course lots of portrait shots and headshots.

 008_7S45778 005_7S45731

Love the camera or not, candid or posed… no one every has a boring time being Shot (in the face) by yours truly.



Even the other members of the family get their day in the sun.
Sadly their time is a little more limited but as we all know they can grow to be integral members of the family.


The “Other-Other” members of the family get their photo-shoots as well.


Parents do their thing and so do kids.
And it doesn’t have to be some big grand accompishment… sometimes it’s a matter of just sneaking into the room to capture what was going on without any setup


Random interactions… you better be ready for the camera.

 097_7S45588 098_7S45593

How is this not the perfect documentation of a teenage girl… on the phone to her friends. haha


Documenting talents. Documenting where they spend their time.

 036_7S45854 054_7S45647


Afternoon nap by dad… I love the clock being there and telling us all what time he chose his nap. – No setup required

Setup or don’t setup as long as it does the job of saying… This is Our family… this is the Vance family

Eating, restaurants, school work, musical instruments, hobbies, talents, family outings, beach, mountains, hikes, pic-nics, pets, friends, games, skiing, lake, sports … ETC

Yes these types of shoots aren’t inexpensive, but I have a feeling they’ll be popular.
Personally this is where I shine as a photographer and how I interact with people.
Time to make this happen in 2010 … all across the continent I bet.

I have set up a website which I’ll be promoting more in times to come

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  1. Camille Larsen says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! What a great way to document one’s family life!!!

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