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Posted by scott at January 11, 2010

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So the new years resolution is to not spend all 15 waking hours of the day editing and taking pictures… I need to play more.
A sainer happier scott should mean better pictures for everyone…

And hey come to game nights and maybe you’ll get your picture taken… OK I probably won’t take many pictures but if you ask I’d probably do it.

But it’s also a great opportunity for lots of us photographers (and regular types) to come together and discuss photography if you want, it’s up to you.
So yeah… that’s game night.

I write this post in part as a way to train the new student-interns of JarvieU

They all say hi… Chuck, Melissa, Jeets, Kara

But in all seriousness come hang out… rock band and what-not as well.
You can also bring friends, you know… the single cute variety 😉 (Chuck is single, just looking out for him 😉



 003_DSC7774 005_DSC7801



 011_DSC7808 016_DSC7780


  1. Ryan Harper says

    So… what game is that? It looks intriguing :)

  2. scott says

    Carcassonne – Pretty Unique.
    We play a few other pretty fun ones as well.

  3. Thomas says

    We should have gotten some pics of the late night rock band session too though. Oh yeah! “Everyone on EXPERT this time!”

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