Old Friends’ Families

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I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been back to the place I grew up since I went away to college.
I was lucky to have a wedding back down in San Diego so I stayed a couple extra days and went to church on sunday, back in the same building I spent countless hours while in jr. high and High School.

While roaming the halls I saw two old friends and of course they had large families by now.
So I told them lets go outside and take some pictures.

We went in the back so we wouldn’t interupt as many people and the kids could run around at ease a bit more.
We just kind of hung out for a while and watched the kids play like kids are known to do.

Why not right? It was more fun for me to chat while a camera was in my hand and while the kids ran around doing fun things.
Plus it’s nice to do nice things for old friends.
Specially the ones that keep in contact the most on facebook.

Even organized a couple of group things.



You might think I made the poor kid cry… but I stand innocent.
I suppose sometimes kids just cry. I know that never happens to any of your kids.

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Parents aren’t supposed to have favorites… but photographers can.
This red-head is a model in the making.

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In just a matter of about 30 minutes I was able to come up with 129 usable images.

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Probably the person I knew best of this photoshoot is the one person I didn’t get a picture of…
Perhaps pretty amusing, hopefully she finds it funny too.
But I did get her husband and all her kids.

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I even had a few old church leaders who were there when I was growing up… as they were coming in for the next meetings.
I could only get them as they walked in quickly in order to avoid being late.

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  1. Lily says

    I don’t know you but we have 4 things in comun! We are both photographers yeahhhh we are both good at it hahahaha jk! We are both mormons and now I attend church at your old building. I know all the people from those friendly pics and also the last thing we have in commun is that we both know your beautiful model Angela Santos. She is my friend. Anyways. You are welcome to stop by my blog to. I love your art by the way. OHHH and yes, I forgot what i was going to say in a first place. That was very nice of you shooting your old friends for fun. You know, a good photographer do that just because they can not only for money. good for you!

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