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Posted by scott at January 26, 2010

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Ranting Allowed?

Am I allowed the moment to rant a bit? Have I earned this much?

I feel I’m probably “preaching to the choir.”
I doubt I attract the other types to this blog.

I’m down about something completely different but for some reason I got sparked on this unrelated subject as well tonight
… this is after all the Photography Blog …Gotta keep it photography.

Give said the Little Stream

I feel people should not hide their talents…
They should use them to help the lives of others.
I’ve been given so much I totally want to give back…

You expect me to believe those are our only two choices?

I think people are Messed up in the head when they say “You’re not in this to make friends, this is a business”
Oh my heavens you dimwhitted baffoon!!!! You think I’d actually choose money over friends!!

Besides when did it ever become THE choice…
Like we can’t do both??!?… maybe for your small pathetic mind you can’t find the way.

USING vs Win-Win-Win

Stop telling people that people are to be used for your gain.
Stop making yourself feel better with the phrase “It’s Good business”
… try out some better phrases, like “It’s a good way of life” “It’s good principles”
Messing with this idea of good business practice means NOTHING in the grander scheme of things…

Try to look for the Win Win Win

Where everyone gains something… people are more than happy to pay for something that is of worth.
It makes both parties happy, to make an honest living and to be honest and pay for what they receive.
People will surprise you if you treat them with respect. They’ll give you money with no regrets and perhaps even happily.

yes understand business and how to operate it well… but don’t let it drive you to excuse any action… A bad action is bad whether or not Business “excuses” it

Stop being so caught up in yourself.

Stop spending all your time figuring out ways to drain the person of their money and figure out ways to make what you’re offering a better Win in the Win-Win-Win
They’ll give you some more money for THAT. No sneakyness needed.

And finally on another note.

When someone is giving and sharing… think about it, if you appreciate it show it.
I know that it’s hard to appreciate what’s right there.
Looking the gift horse in the mouth. (Is it too good to be true)
do we accept those from our own home country/town, as the analogy goes.

But it’s sad to see those who on one side give so much… and then to see those who establish a reputation on never sharing or giving and who even only take and then when they see incentive to share, they open up and people flock to them in droves and throw buckets of money. Are we rewarding a change of heart or are we rewarding the past of never giving?
Dang and how good are they going to be at actually sharing after a life of being close lipped about it all?

Encourage good

We can work the system and find ways to manipulate you.
Don’t encourage them… reward good principles and you’ll see more of it happen.

This is good for whatever…. beyond photography

You want people to treat others better?
Stop making jerks think there’s a benefit.
You want people to be kinder? stop acknowledging the bully.
You want people to share… do it yourself, without expectations.

Give love and charity, but don’t expect… it’ll make it’s way around.
And then let go of unfair expectations.

I understand the prodigal son… we rejoice in the change of heart.
The coming back to the fold.
But we search for that change of heart and support IT.
We show the next step to the lost son… of the type of good life ahead.

We don’t throw our inheritance his way.
he’ll eventually know his road is rough and long.


Why are you doing the things you’re doing?
How are you treating people?

Let’s show these bastards that not only can we be successful but we can do it based on solid good principles and good photography.
we’ll make money and we’ll create a solid business that just doesn’t thrive on the last bit of manipulative marketing you learned.


  1. Zach says

    That’s a very difficult situation or dilemma that seems to come up a lot for photographers. One of my biggest influences in photography was a doctor I passed while hiking up to Lake Blanche. He was shooting medium format and I was curious so I walked with him for a while. His advice was to make photography more of a gift and not a career, because you’ll enjoy it more. I’m getting closer to consider using it as a way to make money, but the work I’ve done thus far has typically been for free or way cheap (partly, I suppose cause I’m not all that great) but in talking with other photographers, he had a good point. I would love a career in photography, but I think just as rewarding would be a hobby in photography as a gift to friends and family. I think there are benefits either way; and there will be grateful in less grateful people either way. I envy you and other photographers who are successful and have a great job, but it’s a job nonetheless, and one that seems more prone to the situation you’ve described, so difficult circumstances like this inevitably come up. I think you’re on the right track though and your priorities are definitely in the right place.
    Just my two cents, I really appreciate your blog and your work. You’ve definitely been a good influence in my style and work and I appreciate everything you share.

  2. Ryan says

    AMEN. I could not agree more.

    Bread on the water works both ways. I have had many experiences that I have been treated as nothing more than a wallet that needed gouging. In return I make sure to get everything I am “due” from that person and never return. On the flip side if I feel like I am being treated fairly and that it is a partnership (which I believe ALL retail transactions are). That person/business/employer will get my referrals and all the business I can give them. The best part of this type of relationship is the negative feedback, I mean truly caring suggestions on way to improve, not jerk trolls.

    I have been following your blog for a while and I am very impressed with the work you do and with the skill you bring. However, the thing that impresses me the most is how willing you are to give, whether it be the photographer for a church activity of the charity photoshoots. You are an inspiration on how to run a successful life. Thanks.

  3. Leslie Carpenter says

    I always enjoy your articles!

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