Composite Lighting Class

This Friday night we’ll have a special guest presentation at JarvieU

The theme is “Composite Lighting”

Here’s a recent Example



Presented by: Joachim Guanzon & Marden Blake

Aesonica Website here:

Joachim’s work can partially be seen on Flickr here:

Twitter: @aesonica @mardenblake @kimguanzon

Composite Lighting

This class will be perfect for anyone into architectural photography or commercial photography work.
But it is destined to be an inspiring class just to get your creativity stirring.

You’re bound to learn a ton about lighting from this master of lighting.

Composite Lighting is not something I do, but from what I understand you light up each portion of the picture separately.
So one picture could take 20+ shots with lighting perfect for each item in the frame.

We’ll be having a slideshow and talk about the concepts involved. Ask Joachim some questions.
Then they’ll be doing a live presentation of how it’s done. Of a kitchen.

Sign Up

Friday at 7pm – 2016 N Nuttall Dr. Lehi Utah
This is a Free event open to everyone.
We want to keep it around 30 people since we’re moving around to do an on the spot demonstration
With interest we will probably do live streaming. Follow to get the link when the time comes.

Sign Up here – Facebook Event

Picture courtesy of Joachim  –


  1. Jacque Woolley says

    Would love to get hooked into the video stream of this on Friday. Looks as though you’re pretty full-up.

  2. Jacie Saltzman says

    Joachim and Marden are both awesome!! and amazing at what they do! thats so fun!

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