Meet the Photographer Event – Brooke Kinsey

Posted by ScottJarvie at February 3, 2010

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(Photo courtesy of her facebook)

Meet the Photographer Event

Recently I came up with this rocking idea to highlight well known photographers in a fun and friendly fashion.
Since a lot of people know about her and yet a lot of people don’t actually know her personally, we should do an event that solves this.
We’ll meet up (Monday 7pm)

Have an introduction, a short slideshow of work.
An interview and or a Q&A period.
Then just chow down on some potluck style food and snacks.
Mingle or network… or whatever you want to call it.

Brooke has informed me she loves Snacks… so lets bring those.
Maybe she’ll tell us what some of them are here in the comments… or take a moment to ask her on your own.

More info on where and when

It’ll be one of the first events at the new JarvieU HQ – 2016 N Nuttall Dr, Lehi Utah.
7pm Monday (It’s a quick event but you can plan to stay as long as you want to mingle, even ping pong or tour the office here or rockband)
I will be able to fit about 20-30 people sitting but I expect even with late notice we might end up with a lot of people standing because Brooke is pretty popular.

If you have other people you want to see at the Meet The Photographer events let me know.
We’re looking for well known or otherwise great photographers that perhaps many people don’t know.
A way of extending the borders of our photography community beyond the people we always do stuff with.

Learn More about Brooke

To learn more about Brooke go to AllThePhotographer Blog which has highlighted her work and has links to her sites.


  1. Carissa says

    i am SOOO mad/sad that this happening without me :( i hope everyone has a great time though.

  2. sepa says

    do we need to rsvp for this event if we’re attending?

  3. scott says

    Well i’m just hoping that the perfect amount of people come… here’s to hoping.
    I can do about 30 sitting and another 10-20 standing.
    The sitting part isn’t terribly long anyway.
    Just bring some snacks and you’re good to go. :)

  4. Josh says

    I am planning on being there.

  5. brooke says

    snack…hum…I love fruit and veggies :) Im trying to eat better lol so you pick all the naughty for you snacks you want :)

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