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Posted by ScottJarvie at March 22, 2010

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(Above: the most popular card at the wedding)

Finally put into practice

I’ve heard of and had the idea for years now, but this was the first time I’ve actually done it. I printed and set out cards at a wedding with pictures of the bride and groom, with information about where they’ll be able to see their prints later.

I created a URL on SmugMug where they’d be able to go easy enough to anticipate that traffic. I used a local vendor to print (which I won’t recommend as they were a bit to expensive and many online systems have amazing web enabled card designer software) I recomend or both have great online design that would make it easy to change up cards quickly and even save and use previous cards for new orders.

The way it went down

I feel the best benefit is to print several different options. I printed 11 different fronts. Meaning same back with 11 different pictures for the front.
My fealing was correct some cards appealed a ton more to some people than others, everyone was able to find something they liked. If they were a friend of the bride they picked a picture of the bride. If they were a friend of both. If they wanted a more generic card of just the flowers or one with the temple. Of if they wanted one of the engagement pictures.

People enjoyed selecting their cards. I printed 330 and at the end there were about 50 left, which I gave to the couple whom were excited to get them printed.

The pictures also added a lot to the print display they had.

I was able to do a discount coupon associated with the card giving them 7 days to get a 20% discount on the prints.

Setting them up and making them work into the presentation without taking away from the presentation is something to consider. You want them to take the cards but you don’t want them to be obnoxiously in your face. Like I said mold them into the visual presentaiton of the reception. That’s why having multiple pictures came in handy once again. I was able to make a small display using many of the pictures together in a row.

In the future

I won’t do this for all weddings, specially not on weddings that I haven’t done engagements and bridals. I’m also more apt to do it for weddings that I’ve done formals.

I see it as a Win-Win – they get to hand out pictures to all their guests, they get hundreds of free pictures. I get to spread my name just a bit more with the hope that they might print but at least that 200-300 more people will know who i am and perhaps even keep that business card and use it later down the line.

I know a few photographers who do this pretty consistently at their weddings… this was my first time, I can’t per-se tell you the real world results just yet after 2 days.

(Below: Some more of the pictures I chose to print.)


 004_DSC8255 038_3S27951

 001_DSC1719 002_DSC1392


  1. Melissa Papaj says

    I also do this for my clients and my business cards go like crazy :) also has some awesome cards and ideas. BTW, it was nice meeting you this past weekend at PCU

  2. P Saley says

    I was at the Buhler wedding and picked up a few of your cards to pass out to friends. I loved your pix and wanted to look at your web site. Great idea! The card selection was great! I love your site and your philosophy. I will definitely keep your info on hand if I need a photog in the future. Good luck.

  3. Seshu Photography says

    Do you typically ask for permission from your clients to distribute these cards? Great idea, if well done.

  4. ScottJarvie says

    Seshu this was my first time…. So yes each time the clients have known. 😉

    It’s more of a: hey I’m gonna print out 300 extra pictures of you…
    They ask: How much is it going to cost?
    I say: Free
    They Smile and say they’re excited to hand them out to their friends.

    But don’t make them ugly or detract because then that could end badly.

  5. Cindi says

    One of the platform classes at WPPI talked about this – I think it’s a great idea! Sounds like it was successful for you as well :)

  6. Brad Smith says

    It’s a great way (like you said) to get some cool pictures in the hands of your guests. I did what you described at my last wedding of the season (09) and had good response, so will be implementing the cards for all my 2010 w/ engagement sessions.

    Keep up the good work!

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