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Posted by ScottJarvie at March 24, 2010

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For about two years I’ve had the twitter account @Jarvie

It’s been like a micro-blog for me to talk about mostly photography and some other things. Now there’s @JarvieU for those Just wanting photography

What I’ve talked about

For a while now this has been my Bio statement

Bio [Full time Photographer] Themes: Photography, lightroom, politics, utah, mlb byu, lds, music, travel, life & related photo blogs.

and what I wrote in the was no lie, I talked about most of those things. Of course I talked about photography the most. When it was around election time I talked about politics, since my baseball team (padres) didn’t do very well I didn’t talk about them a whole lot, I talked about BYU when they played big sporting games. When I was traveling I talked about that which is kind of like talking about photography. Church when we had our big conferences.

I’ve actually had some great discussion with people that are totally on the other side of the coin in politics and religion and our philosophies in general, they’ve been the most memorable of all my discussions. (Thanks Brian, Kenneth and several others) If we know eachother which in the case of most of the Utah photographers we do and it’s no problem.

Well this account @Jarvie will remain the same, it is the account of Scott Jarvie the person in all facets of my life.(Mainly Photography since that’s mainly what I do)

Why I use Twitter

Using twitter has been invaluable from the dozens if not hundreds of questions I’ve had almost immediate feedback to so many issues. I’ve also felt that I’ve contributed a ton with answers to questions that other people have had and also the great forum to refer individuals.

However as more and more people start to follow what I’m doing I must acknowledge the fact that I don’t know many of them. Many of them are Only following me because of my photography. They want to hear about what i’m doing in photography, ask photography questions and expect photography links and RTs and the lot.

I use twitter like it were a micro-blog. I write things I think someone somewhere might find interesting.

I have a blog that only talks about Photography and another blog that talks about all the rest of the stuff. Of course the one I do most stuff on is the Photography blog. I also pretty much only talk photography on the JarvieDigital fanpage on facebook. on my regular facebook profile anything that concerns or involves me goes.

Un-blurring the Twitter lines : @JarvieU

I started an account a couple months ago for all the things I was doing at @JarvieU– I made it strictly a photography account.

@JarvieU will now be used more and it will be the default account of JarvieDigital – an all photography twitter account.
I suggest if all you want to hear about is photography you follow that account.

This is just the thing many random photographers who’ve never met me have been looking for. Just photography.

What will become of @Jarvie

My original account is still me… and since it’s still me and I’m a full time photographer who spends about 12-15hrs a day on photography why would it not include a whole lot of photography. I think with all the great programs we have to run twitter we’ll be able to handle the difference.

You can of course follow both, I will respond by whatever account I was message unless it’s unphotography related in which case that’ll be strictly Jarvie.

Yes it will be tricky for me to find the right voice and what not for @JarvieU – but on one respect it’s easy… it’s everything photography. Maybe I’ll try to find cool new content to link to and RT more photography type stuff.


@JarvieU will be all things photography, so if that’s all that’s of interest from me just follow that one not @Jarvie– those who know me personally will probably still want to follow @Jarvie

So go out and follow @JarvieU and if you need to unfollow @jarvie I will not be offended because chances are I don’t even know you if all you’re about is the photography. And that’s A OK

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