New Prints and the Bridal show


(Above a picture that I should have printed up bigger)

Well I went and did a bridal show… I think the last time was like 3-4yrs ago… I can’t even remember it. It was before I was any good.

You might think me crazy but I actually had a lot of fun. Never mind my aching sore feet by the end. But it was really fun to talk to all those people. I kind of just took the time to joke around have fun and meet people. I suppose it made it nice that I wasn’t trying to sell anything there at the show.


I pretty much was collecting information to send them my new fancy brochure. I had a few printed copies but I’ll be delivering things electronically in PDF form.

If you’d like to see the booklet of pricing and information riddled with pictures just let me know and i’ll email off a copy. It talks about me, my prices, travel, books, print costs, associate wedding photography with a bunch of testimonials scattered throughout.

Time for me to compile the information and get to sending them their information.


Oh! Did I mention that the Jarvie Window made an appearance for a couple hundred pictures and was a pretty big hit. I’d say the same percentage existed where 20% of the people didn’t like it and about 80% of the people thought it was the coolest thing ever. Plus this way I can re-attach a face to a name of all the people I talked to. I also go to see their personality when they were getting their picture taken with the jarvie window. I’ll gladly take all the bride and grooms with great personalities.


I got a bunch of amazing prints done in a rush through Bay Photo and they did not disapoint! The Metal prints were talked about constantly. I happened to like the thin wrap that I chose on canvas the best (BELOW)… but the metals were still the talk.


I got a fancy fancy album and made it 60sides…. and dang it was heavy… like 20lbs or something. Chuck (an associate/student) designed it for me and he also did a couple of books of his own.


(ABOVE) I got this one in metal and it looks like it’s glass that’s how cool the metal is.

It was hard picking which pictures but I had up only 15-20 pictures but when it’s all said and done that was more than most other people and mine were all large 20×30 so I had a lot of pictures up.


(ABOVE: Another Metal Print choice)

So which picture did most people comment about?


Hey I suppose I’ll keep using the picture that everyone always comments on. It’s not always their favorite but it does often have the most impression and usually the question is… “where was that taken at” they love the location at least. that place would make a killing in Utah just for people to get the chance to shoot there.

Bridal Show

Seems like people have so many things to see that it’s really kind of hard for them to feel like they can stop for long and chat. Usually 2-5 minutes, but I was talking so fast I was able to say everything in that time anyway.


there seemed to be a lot of students from the area who would be getting married in different locations, so it was nice to have the hawaii wedding pictures up and the california stuff. Telling about the next hawaii wedding, the france wedding and the canada wedding also helped. I kind of wish I had a picture of the Alaska wedding because then I could have pointed it out as well. (BELOW)


Other pictures I might have used.

When you are just trying to get their attention and stand out certain pictures might have worked out well. Like this picture in the car. Not only would many of the brides (and grooms) found it fun but I can tell them it’s alaska and further convince them that I travel and it’s all good to have me go to their wedding in another state


These ones would have been fun as well.


I just had a small 16×20 of this one on the ground but a lot of people asked where this one was. I was happy to tell them it was here in utah just over at the Great Salt Lake.

This next one would probably have been among the very most popular pictures to show to all those brides… but alas I didn’t have it up… but anytime someone say it on a business card or somewhere they loved it.


Oh and the set of manti pictures were pretty popular (BELOW)

(BELOW) The canvas didn’t get as much as attention as the other picutres which is interesting since it has been a favorite amongst many other brides.


People loved the sunset (BELOW) – it often prompted questions of “where was that?”


Not a ton of interest for these pictures perhaps because everyone was mainly getting married july and august and not a ton of winter wedding people.

The Hope:

Well I am booked for a lot of the dates people were asking about but I hope to fill up July and more than anything help the associates start to book up their summers.


  1. Belinda Olsen says

    I’m sure that your ‘booth’ was awesome! I love the images that you chose. I wish sooooo badly that I didn’t live in Logan and could just hop, skip and jump to Lehi and try to be a JarvieU ‘intern’!

  2. Melissa Williams says

    Hey Scott~
    Great post!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the show. Your work REALLY makes an impression on people. You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. Val Hunter says

    Sounds like you were the best in show! Did you whip out the i-pad? Bet they were impressed. haha.

  4. Christopher Hill says

    It was great meeting you at the show Scott! It was my first ever Bridal show, I was a little out of my element to say the least, but I hope the better parts of my personality were able to shine through. :) Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Aria says

    Sounds like the booth was a success! These photos are gorgeous. I love metal prints -I’m sure they were a huge hit. I’m gearing up for the April Thanksgiving Point show on Saturday! I’ll remember to wear comfy shoes. :)

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