Now Married: My Cousin


No Thank You!

Thank you for always wanting me to do your pictures since we’ve gotten to know eachother, glad we could make it happen.
And I hope I did it justice!

To see more go here – Posted 180+ right now… more to come

 011_J7S4858 023_J7S4859

Some¬†professional¬†photographers won’t do family pictures… I love it. I also don’t mind giving huge discounts for them.
You can’t slack off on them, in fact they’re probably even more work, but that’s what family is for, helping out.

 008_J7S4803 057_J7S4813


 040_J7S4608 032_J7S4589

 006_J7S4718 035_J7S4732

 050_J7S4752 052_J7S4757 046_J7S4954 060_J7S4962


 025_J7S4872 004_J7S4684

Stay tuned for some of the events of the rest of the day


  1. Ryan says

    Love the last shot here. Very moving. Well played sir….

  2. Chris Manning says

    Is he a computer programmer? I noticed the binary under the Thank You.

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