Photogs shooting Photogs

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So Dustin Izatt organized a little get together where photographers were going to take pictures of other photographers.
“Headshot Exchange”

Side note: I never knew there were two different sections of Pierpont Ave in SLC

I went and took some pictures of the others.
And here I’m showing them.
See all the ones I edited here –
If you’re one of the photographers and want more of these let me know and I’ll gladly upload more. (Assuming I have some)
Oh and you should go and check out their photography.

Dustin Izatt [Website Blog]

 011_J7S2947 015_J7S2950

 020_J7S2839 010_J7S2919

Samantha Loosle [Website Blog]

 001_J7S2881 003_J7S2796

 038_J7S2797 039_J7S2801

Leah Miller [Website Blog]

 004_J7S2809 005_J7S2841


Erin Langford [Website Blog]


Amanda Abel [Website Blog]

 007_J7S2866 024_J7S2875

Ryan Mangum [Website]

 033_J7S2994 035_J7S2788

Ashlee Carroll [Website Blog]

 008_J7S2935 014_J7S2937

 009_J7S2858 042_J7S2820 045_J7S2824

Brindi Smith, Nicole Udy, Amberlee Smith


  1. Leah Miller says

    Scott. You are seriously amazing and crazy fast. I haven’t even brought my camera bag in from the car yet. :-) Thanks! It was fun to meet you. You have some fabulous pictures here. I hope to keep in touch. Maybe some of your goodness will rub off on me. :-)

  2. Kayleen T. says

    Looks like it was so much fun!
    Love your sweater Leah! :)

  3. Nicole says

    Those are awesome! i am Nicole Udy and I am in the pink in the middle :)

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