Slideshows and a Parade

OK so how do people feel about slideshows on blogs?

Yes before you say anything this won’t work on flashless-apples (of which I have some myself… sad day)

But it could be cool… but you’re the readers so let’s hear it.

Now if this is received well I can make these posts so much faster and easier.

The thought is you can just watch the pictures roll by until you’re done…because the whole gallery will often be on them.

This is a new thing for me… I’m not sure how long SmugMug has had the feature.

So what shall I show off first? How about parade pictures?

Yes there is an emphasis on NuSkin pictures since they were the clients for the day.



 011_J3S4821 016_J3S4822


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  1. Caroline says

    I am in search of pictures of my family from the freedom festival. We were in a jeep representing the BYU Army ROTC. If you have any I’d love to see them, THANKS!

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