Announcement time

Let’s get down to business announcing a few things.


I’m heading the Utah County SMUG. (Smug Mug User Groups)

What is that? It’s a photography group meetup, sponsored by SmugMug but anyone can come even if they have no clue what SmugMug is… just a chance for photographers to get together, network and learn stuff. Oh and eat!

The SMUGs will be typically once a month on Tuesdays with guest speakers and fun events. If you have ideas pass them along.

In addition to guest speakers, possible photoshoots, training, we’ll probably combine past UPES events as well as Meet the Photographer events that more or less ceased when I no longer had a projector.

Yes people from other counties are invited just as we’ll be announcing and encouraging you go to the SLC SMUG group which meets every 3rd wednesday.

BBQ – Smug (September 14th)

The first event for us will be September 14th – It’ll be different. It’s a photographer BBQ – It will take place in Pleasant Grove at the residence of Jeremy Hall. More information to follow.

FLASH CAMP (September)

I’m going to do a 3rd Flash camp. Tentative date is september 10-11th – let me know if you want to be updated on the information. I would prefer mid-week but it’s no longer busy summer weekends and our models are more available weekends.

SmugMug training seminar (October)

as part of the SMUG user group meetup in early october we’ll be doing a longer event where we’ll train on SmugMug and answer any and all questions to get people up to speed. Someone from SmugMug will be in town for the event. It’s tentatively scheduled for october 5th – but don’t block out your calenders just yet as we might push it back a week if I end up in England that week.

4th annual charitable shoot (October)

We’re changing the name from charity to charitable because this year it’s all free and no money needed (thus no donations to charity) BUT… it will be on invite Only.

When, no idea, it’s fall themed so that will depend on the fall leaves. If you really really want to be invited give me a heads up now before I send out the emails. Or if you’re a past client make sure I have your email for when I send them out.

Pimp My Picture workshop (August 31)

I thought a fun way to learn how to edit or more specifically how I edit I’ll be doing an event where a bunch of photographers bring pictures to the event and I spend time editing them in my style and talking about what i’m doing, turning it into a fun teaching experience where you get the benefit of edited pictures and learning all about lightroom.

These are easy to set up. Since this will be the first of (possibly) many, I’ll make it free. I will give out 5 spots to the first 5 photographers who do a writeup on their blog about something related to this post (be creative) – it could also be a FB note if you don’t have a blog. Link back to this post and click on it and that way with analytics I’ll see who the first 5 people were.

If you win and can’t make the first one we’ll get you in on a future one. During the fall I might be able to make this a more frequent thing. Let’s start with this tuesday evening. Bring food.

Photowalking Utah

Keep checking out the events Photowalking Utah puts on

They have an event september 18th


If you have a strong enough desire I might be looking for some new help in the office. With the 4th annual charitable shoot coming up along with other projects it’ll be a busy time around here.


  1. heather garcia says

    All very exciting stuff coming up. I can’t wait. Thanks so much for helping others expand their knowledge and passion for photography!!

  2. JSturr says


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