Meanwhile back at Temple Square – A wedding story pt 1

Last wedding story was quite the read wasn’t it? Hope you enjoyed it.

I’m thinking about cutting this one down in more manageable chunks… plus it means that I get to string it along for more days. I mean I wasn’t supposed to tell you my tricks. I suppose it’s more like a mini-series with jack bauer just about to do something crazy right at the end and you have to tune back in to see what happens in the next installment.

So here we go.

I was here


This was the first picture of the day… I took it to test out the camera. I just got my 14-24 2.8 back from the shop not too long ago and I missed it for getting cool architecture stuff.

So we so often show off when LDS bride and grooms come out of the temples… like their mini-revealing and unveiling. Their version of walking down the aisle.

But what happens prior to that moment… the non-lds (mormon) in the audience might find this interesting.

I’ve often seen many photographers just sitting in a waiting room waiting for their bride and groom… they’re missing out… this is time to get to know the family and get some of those candids and solo portraits.

Such as…

 404DSC_1848 400_J7S4631 401_J7S4635 071_J7S4599

 205_J7S4596 069_J7S4594 072_J7S4602 073_J7S4609

Then the moment comes… they come out.

Many times for the actual ceremony she’s wearing a different more subdued dress and so she goes and changes into her wedding dress, so often this really is the first time most have seen her.

Except of course her mom who probably went with her dress shopping (with the card) and her sisters who she played dress up for, of course. haha

But I present Mr. & Mrs. Spencer

 407_J7S4663 075_J7S4664 076_J7S4669

So sometimes up to 90 couples could come out of these doors in any given saturday in summer… don’t hate.

We do get to have moment like these all the time.

 077_J7S4688 220_J7S4684

Grandma and Grandpa giving their congrats.

Notice of course how many people have cameras … haha… i love it.

 221_J3S6427 418_J3S6428

And then after the congrats time is done we have spots big enough to do our group shots with 100 ppl haha

 019_J7S4705 080_J7S4706

Oh but first let’s drop in as the bride and groom steel a few slone moments for themselves in the hussle and bussle of the moment.

Then we gather families to do some group shots… our brothers of the groom jump in for some shots…


We’ll be catching back up with them for some more antics at the reception


I’m not afraid to stretch things out for an interesting full building shot or get down and dirty on the ground

 020_J7S4748 238_J7S4747

The bride felt a deep connection to her asian brothers and sisters so this next one comes to you care of the far east


The real talent in this day of age and the thing that people really seem to appreciate is how quickly you can get through these formalities. Pump out these group shots, make it fun, make it quick, without yelling, without being rude, without making enemies, without down time… and to do all this without suffering on the quality. Anyone could spend 15 minutes setting up some elaborate and picture perfect group shot. But do you have 100 thankful friends or 100 sworn enemies at the end of this (specially if it’s too hot or too cold)

Then you move on over to the side giving way to the next happily married couple and you don’t mind at all… because I’d take this for a small group over steps any day.



Ahh these two like eachother as well..


Then you could always move to another spot for some more group shots.



Some kids find much joy in doing a good jump shot.


And all the while perhaps the moms look on.


And then take advantage of having an amazingly handsome and caring and kind and talented photographer around.

 099_J7S4901 101_J7S4909

So yeah these aren’t the typical pics I put on the blog… usually we stick to the highlights of the day… the tender and breathtaking pictures.

We stick to the best of… we find the tender moments…

We often just put the scenic stuff.

 001_J7S5171 003_J7S5095

Or the details of the day


But this is me showing off the rest of the story

I’m not no hourly worker… you get the full story… the full day. I’m a documenter of events.

  • Real
  • Friendly
  • Emotion
  • Personality
  • Bright, Crisp and Clean
  • Love in all it’s forms and expressions
  • The joy of it all

So stay tuned next time for what happens next

Kudos to my two students that helped on the event Will and Justin – Will found that flower at the reception place and they’ll have more pics to show off as they roamed the reception.


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  2. Chris Manning says

    Great idea to take the waiting time to get to know the family and take some portraits that the couple will cherish forever!

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