Day 1 of the Free Fall Shoots


This is the 4th year that i’ve taken a week out of my schedule to do pictures without charging. In the last 2 years I’ve had people donate to a charity.

This year I wanted it to be about simply giving back and not having to deal with money and stuff.

So I have opened it to past bride and grooms, then when they grabbed some spots to other past clients and if people find an opening my philosophy is “Why Not” so they can book themself a spot as well.

For random friends (As In: Not-Past-Clients) I’d prefer to keep it to Individuals or groups of roommates because those are the more appealing and interesting photoshoots.

But here’s the link to see the calender

So I don’t mind taking the pictures at all it’s great fun… the shoots are all short like 20 minutes and it’s in fall color. It’s pretty low stress, specially when it’s fast and free.

However discs and stuff like that has not been an awesome experience in years past so this year it’s all going on SmugMug and they can deal with it from there. They can add galleries on FaceBook and use things on blogs but if they want to print they’ll order them online and if they want the file they can order them online as well.

I’m happy to be doing it this way as it makes doing these free shoots more sustainable. And well maybe I’ll make a dollar or two which when spending a week and doing 50 shoots I suppose I’m not opposed.

But I’m not going to push prints… in fact I don’t care if they buy any at all. Because to me this is my week to give back and just make people happy.

Specially this year where it’s about saying thanks to past clients for helping me to get here where I am now. Which is busy and happy in the best profession ever.


OK so I did pictures for 5 families (small and large) and then 5 other individuals. They were all photographers. It was a workshop.

And since I spent so much time and effort there talking about where I place people and why and how to find and use locations and bits about lighting and assisting.

I think I’m going to take a break and just have you look at pictures and not talk to much about it.

If someone has a question about a particular picture or two I’ll gladly turn it into a post about how, why and where and things like that.

For now… enjoy an eclectic mix of 10 shoots taken on tuesday.

 5_J7S1399 5_J7S1421


 5_J7S1489-2 5_J7S1487


 5_J7S1128 4_J7S1033



 5_J7S1204 4_J7S1204



 3_J7S1136 3_J7S1172

 3_J7S1102 3_J7S1332

 3_J7S1245 3_J7S1382



  1. Christian 'Nicky' Niklaus says

    Dude…. Totally LOVE the Concept!!!!! Thanks for the reminder and importance to ones self of the JOY of Giving Back :-)

  2. sarah says

    Wow! What great colors and the shot of the kiss behind the leaf is so creative. Thanks for checking out my work–You are very talented. Let me know when you post your naval academy pics–i’d like to check them out!

  3. Robbie Petersen says

    some of those really close ones straight on have an awesome depth of field, great pictures and I think its awesome that you do these charity pics

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