Even When You Don’t Need To

I love photography.
I’m addicted to photography.
I don’t just take pictures because people pay me… I just like it.
I take picture “Even when I don’t need to”


  • I enjoy people smiling when I do a good job.
  • I like smashing expectations.
  • I like having a camera in my hand.
  • I see the world wonderfully seeking the ways to make the world and the people look at their best.

  • My memories are my photographs and memories are soo soo important.
  • I can’t tell you enough… 5yrs of eat, breathe, sleep photography.
  • I mean I wouldn’t mind having a life… there’s still another goal that’s always been #1 in aim and importance for the last 10yrs and one day it’ll take time out of my photography, but for now I guess it’s photography by default.
  • When I’m photographing what do I think of? Most of the time Nothing… I JUST PHOTOGRAPH.
  • I mean it took half a million pictures and unknown hours… but here we are.
  • Does it run in your blood like the saying goes?
  • Do you take pictures even “when you don’t need to?”

I did a walk through for a couple of upcoming shoots for the Utah Symphony (they saw what I did for the Utah Opera and loved it)
Now I don’t know a ton about walk throughs as they aren’t what you do in Weddings.
But I said to myself I probably don’t need to take my camera… but then… why wouldn’t I? It’s not the money that motivates my index finger to push the button… I don’t want it to ever be that way.

  • I have the best job in the world because I’m right where I should be, doing what I should be doing.
  • It makes me sad to see those on a crash course with photography and they’ve forgotten the passion… the love… that thing that drives someone headlong into a life swept away in the days, months, years and numberless all nighters.
  • Like music without soul. Like relationship without love. Like religion without faith.
  • You loose that passion I’ll see it in your pictures… and there’s others like me… when it becomes a JOB alone I’ll see it… and I won’t like it… and you might just be perfectly OK with that. I’m just saying.
  • It’s not like I even think of photography as my passion anymore, it’s not my hobby, it’s not my JOB … it’s really just me… I’ve done it so much. Not years but percentage of the time in those years… it’s what is in my head, it’s what my thoughts are and my conversations are. (and I realize this for better or worse)
  • This too much for you… that’s cool.
  • This what you’d like… well then why are you sitting around without a camera in your hand?
  • Why did you go to that last shin dig without a camera? Can you not find a way to have fun socialize, do all the other things AND take pictures?
  • Is it hard to be creative enough to find a way to be a photographer and do those other things?
  • It’s not like you have to be taking a picture every moment but sometimes you can do it “Even when you don’t need to”
  • Even when no one cares
  • Even when no one is paying you.
  • Even when no one else is doing it.
  • You can be all those other things you want to be and mingle in photography… not like it’s a foreign organ that you’re not sure your body will accept.
  • But as if it were natural… as if it were really part of you and who you are.
  • Or keep doing what you’re doing… it’s cool… I’m just saying.


So turns out even though I didn’t need the camera for the walk through it came in very handy and I think everyone was happy I brought it.

People at the symphony are probably happily perusing the pictures and getting excited for next week’s event.


And while they went to go get a ladder I didn’t just stand there… I saw a shiny object and it called my name… I didn’t even think… i just went and shot.

They came back in and said maybe you could get some pics of those drums (i know they have a different name) …. I grinned.

 009_J7S6869 014_J7S6839

 008_J7S6878 005_J7S6858

What this is really about?

You know what it’s really not about photography… It’s about being better… being better at whatever you want to excell at.

Not waiting for someone to need excellence but pushing yourself every time you can to becoming excelent for that time it might be called on you.

It’s not a post about Photography, if something else takes that spot in YOUR life that’s awesome … it’s about improving… “even when you don’t need to”

Because… eventually you’ll Need To.


  1. jill says

    LOVE IT! love it all.
    you rock at what you do.

  2. Jeremy Nicoll says

    The drums are called timpani. :)

  3. Garrett Gibbons says

    Wow, there were a lot of words and bullet points. Loved the photography!!!

  4. […] Scott Jarvie, regarding his own take on the love of photography and I think he hits the nail on the head, “My memories are my photographs and memories are soo soo important.” Baby Boston […]

  5. Jacie Saltzman says

    i love this whole post. you are the shizzle.

  6. Eric Quinney says

    I loved this post because since I am just starting into the world of photography as a hobby, I want to do it for the passion and the love. I have no other motivations to ever do it for hire, just as something I enjoy doing.

  7. Robbie Petersen says

    man, those drums look so huge, i love that vantage point and everything is lit so perfectly. I’m assuming you didn’t use a tripod because it seems like you never use a tripod. I think about if I was to do photography full time as a job if I’d be as passionate about it. But I think it would, I get excited about great pictures and I get excited about creating new things and capturing perfect moments. I hope that I can turn my photography into something one day.

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