I Even do Family Pictures


Some people are suprised to find out that I’m willing to do family pictures, they think I only do weddings.

Well maybe my schedule is a little more limited for family pictures and perhaps my prices aren’t as low as many options but I don’t mind.

It’s the same thing… I’m looking for families that really like good photography, who are fun individuals that are good to work with. I like subjects with character and connection because that’s what I’m wanting to portray in my work the personality of the individual or of the group.

I want it to be an enjoyable experience where people feel at ease to act themselves and to not get stressed… therefore I avoid the time limits for their’s and my benefit.

I want people who join in the creative process and not just say… you’re the photographer just do what you think best. Well news flash these are going on your wall not mine.

I can make places and pictures and ideas look good this is a team effort.

And well the Roden family were fun and laid back and appreciative and good looking so this was a great time, I hope to do lots more shoots with families like them.

I did Paul and Andrea’s wedding last year.

So yeah I do family pictures… most of the time i’m not available on weekends and sometimes I prefer late notice so it doesn’t conflict with possible wedding schedules. But october there’s a special discount on them down from 500 to 200 but that will go back up in november.

What I really love is Family Lifestyle Photography








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  1. Kellyanne's sister! says

    Can I just say that your night portraits are AMAZING!!! I sit in awe everytime I see bokah city lights with an amazing portrait! Wowza, I really admire your work alot. Hopefully someday I can be an intern of yours!

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