I Shoot Photographers – Tuesday 28th

Posted by ScottJarvie at September 19, 2010

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A Gift to Photographers

This is to inform my photographer friends that they can be a part of the Charitable shoot on Tuesday 28th as one of my weekly events

To learn more and to be a part you have to go here to the facebook group event

Good op because my charitable shoot is the first week of October but it’ll be booked up with past brides and grooms and other invitees.

– (In the Face)
Ergo Tuesday 28th I will do an evening where everyone can show up and I’ll do what I’m gonna do that next week… but for all y’all.

So bring your family or like pets and your nice clothes or just come like me… sans personne.


I will also turn it into a type of workshop:

  • I will say why I pick a spot and how I use it.
  • I’ll tell why I’m placing them where I’m placing them.
  • what settings I’m using.
  • I’ll use reflectors, diffusers and flash and explain what’s going on there.

Basically just say what’s going on in my brain while I shoot you guys.


I don’t promise immaculate organization but it will be lots of learning.If you have a group that is coming then I suggest we give you an order to be shot in. For the individual shots we’ll just throw you in.

From 5:20 every 20 minutes we’ll try to rotate.

This is a free shoot, however I’m not doing discs. You can use them for blogs and facebook as much as you’d like.
Pictures will be available online where you can order prints or just purchase the print rights so you can do whatever.

You can just come and learn… because this is another Tuesday class.

For more info and a FAQ and for updates for when I have the location go to the FACEBOOK EVENT


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  1. Melissa Papaj says

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving me some love :)

  2. Robbie Petersen says

    wish I would have come to this, even though I’m not an ‘offical’ photographer, it would have been cool, I wonder if you could be hired for vacations as the full time photographer for the vacation, is a possible package that you’d offer? I think its a cool idea. Get free food and board and then just take pics of the activities

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