How I shoot children pt 4


Last 3 posts have been about getting children and showing their personality… well in this case this little one is a bit small to be running or even sitting. With no random props to stuff her in we just went with showing off the personality of the WHOLE family. How this child is a part and their feelings for the child. The personality of the family, if you will.

A family picture doesn’t have to be of them looking into the camera.

This little one isn’t very good with directions yet… so let’s just roll with it.



Then we did the baby on the blanket picture


Then I had an idea that I thought was funny at the time… but perhaps it even works. Not sure really. You tell me


Then with the baby still right there on the blanket how about stand right there and interact


OK now how about individual shots but sitting.


now get back in there with her


and now that she had her moment how about his


And that’s it… that’s the entire shoot.

I started at 2:31pm and ended at 2:47

I’ve decided the age of the child is inversely proportional to the length of the photoshoot.

But dang do I love there pictures a bunch! Congrats on the first year of marriage and on the addition to the family of course!

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  1. Robbie Petersen says

    i’m a fan of the no props, just the family enjoying the new addition. No infants sky diving or infants gambling at a casino, just them holding the child, very simple but effective

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