Louisiana Recap Pt 9 – The Friends and Family


Well while I did take a bunch of pictures of just the couple the event was an Engagement Party, like a reception but prior to the wedding for those in a location that won’t really be able to make it to the wedding.

Anyway I got lots of group pictures and pictures of her friends and family.


This is her best friend that came along for the trip.


Here’s most of the group for the engagement party. There were more but this si who was there during picture time.

 037_J7S6115 038_J7S6124

I believe this is a niece





Haha, everyone will have varying opinions on the picture above. I like it.

 063_J7S5440 062_J7S5438

Her dad made the trip over from New Mexico. He’s a talker, so this is him doing his thing.




His parents made the trip over from Utah. They were chatting and I was sitting so I made them look over at me and smile.

Flooded the room with a flash



 165_J7S6252 167_J7S6254

They had the engagement party at her brother’s house. So this is her with her brother in front of his amazingly beautiful old house.

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  1. Robbie Petersen says

    a great mixture of candid family shots and nice posed shots. I think these pictures are great. They also show the personality of the individual.

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