Paris Wedding Pictures (INDEX)

Paris Formals

So yeah there were lots of pictures to show from the this last week I spent in France. It’ll take me a while to get to them all and edited and online. I also put them on Facebook frequently.

As for the wedding pictures I took… more technically they are Wedding Formals (Some call it the blah word Groomals) But we’ll just stick to the short “Wedding Pictures”. They got married in SLC at the LDS Temple Saturday had their shin dig and flew to Paris they chilled there Sunday and Monday (honeymooning) and then we met up on Tuesday for their typical couple pictures. They really wanted awesome memorable pictures (both are photographers) and well that’s what they got.

As for the 5 other days that I took Travel Style pictures those will be located on the Envision the World blog mainly


So I’ll break it down – I’ll add a hyper link each time I post one.
(NOTE I Hope to post one before I head to California in the morning… stay tuned)

This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

      (If there are extra requests to highlight a spot or picture I’ll add those posts hereafter)

      The category and corresponding URL that links to them all will be France2010Wedding

      A NATURAL TIMER : Sometimes it means ALL day


      I tell people that I don’t limit my shoots by hours in the day nor locations.

      Photoshoots more often than not have a natural timer… When you’re done you’re done. It’s a combination of lots of factors, the lighting, the weather play a roll but it’s also how long the subjects last. Photography being a team effort (assuming it’s of other people) needs both sides to be into it, creative and ready for more. I myself have stated I’m up for whatever. But I know when to call it… and when I think it’s time I go to them and they’re up for more then I’m up for more, but they should be help pulling while I’m pushing (or the other way, i’m not sure) It just means if you have the energy and passion and are ready to make it happen let’s do it.

      And this is what these two did… we went all day.

      This means lots and lots of pictures in lots of lots of places.

      7 locations to be exact.

      • Alley
      • Eiffel Tower (morning)
      • Montemartre (Sacre Couer are)
      • Champs Elysse & Arc de Triumph
      • Notre Dame
      • Louvre Area
      • Eiffel Tower over look (Night)

      7 Locations = (7 * Many Spots) = (7Locations * (Many Spots * Many Poses))

      This doesn’t mean 7 spots… this means 7 different locations that we had to be picked up and dropped off at by car and then picked up and dropped off again.
      There were many spots inside each location.
      Then in each spot there were certainly lots of poses and photographic ideas and lighting variations.


      1. Mishi says

        I am excited to see the wedding pics – I’m sure they’ll be brilliant! But, what about the family pictures you took? :) You didn’t say where they would be… I’d love to get just a handful of them so I can make up our Christmas card this year! (And of course look forward to the others as well!) Good luck with your wedding in Cali this weekend, busy man!

      2. Jose Gomez says

        Lovely pictures thanks for sharing !

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