What I Learned Pt 2 – The Pictures

Posted by ScottJarvie at November 8, 2010

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 016_J7S3989 015_J7S3927


 013_J7S3887 012_J7S3881


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  1. David Terry says

    Always an adorable couple. And always beautiful pictures from you.

    What really kills me is the image where she is balancing an expensive camera and lens on her head. Had it fallen, I would have died. I’m not sure I could have taken the picture for fear of being responsible for the death of a beautiful camera and lens.

    Still, captivating images. Excellent work by you as well as Whitney and Thomas.

  2. Chris Manning says

    Scott, as always, I love your work. You have a way of making a portrait session look candid, real, and extremely fun (as they should be).

  3. Jeremy Hall says

    Beautiful photos of these great people. Always gotta enjoy with a photography gets in front of the camera :)

  4. Whitney says

    Thanks for the photos Scott! And David, I have one word for you: Insurance :)

  5. Jacie Saltzman says

    i love all of these! so real and fresh and, well, and amazing. what a great couple, and i dont even know them

  6. Dustin Bess says

    I LOVE these shots!

  7. Robbie Petersen says

    was this a former intern of yours? You got a good mixture of portrait shots, candid shots, schmoopy shots as I like to call them. I really liked the leaf throwing, if you lit and flashed that, i couldn’t tell a whole lot which is a great thing.

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