A Fall Colors Photo-Shoot in Chronological

 002_J7S3720 004_J7S3723

OK so I did a post on this photogenic couple back the day after I took their pictures. I finished up about 35 pictures real quick and released them… but… I had another 100-200 in mind to edit up and give the happy couple.

So I edited them and then I was saying to myself I should post some more. Then I uploaded them wrong and had to change the order of the gallery to chronological (which I usually do as a secondary gallery viewing) and so I thought why not post theese pictures in chronological.

The point of these posts are for future clients to know what I’m about and what to expect for their photoshoots… AND for photographers to see how another photographer operates.

So you’ll see the progression of places and how I use the places and how light changes and how we interact. I might have put in a couple dozen pics into this post but there are still over 100 I didn’t put in. So check them out if you really want to see it all.

K I tried to put more of the newer pics into the mix this time for those who still remember the last post. (Which I doubt people will remember them all)

I really love the one on the bottom right… but it matches the other one so we put it more into a sequence for this post.

 050_J7S3751 002_J7S3753


Above and below should show you how big a difference the choice of lens can have on a location.




I think these two (below and above) really tell a lot about these two whom I know very well… they are fashionable minded and they met eachother dancing.


 062_J7S3834 012_J7S3856

Goofy faces… yep it really would have been a failure of a shoot without those.


I was using her lens (the one I don’t have) so I had to put it to it’s shallow depth of field glory.

 003_J7S3881 066_J7S3882

 017_J7S3884 067_J7S3885

The whole set above is awesome… it’s his profile pic and so it must be good. haha

 068_J7S3892 020_J7S3898

So she needs some good photographer pics… I think these work well.

What works well is she has an idea of how she wants to look and I have an idea of how I want to shoot how she wants to look.

I say this a billion times… photography is a team production.

 071_J7S3904 027_J7S3905

 072_J7S3906 074_J7S3911

OK these were her idea again. (P.s. She felt safe… so there!)

 022_J7S3919 076_J7S3921 077_J7S3922 078_J7S3926



I take pride in this location… for more see the original post.

 084_J7S3956 028_J7S3959



 016_J7S3989 089_J7S4007

We didn’t go out saying… sunset pictures are a must… we simply saw a sunset and it was nice and we made it happen.

 092_J7S4017 008_J7S4021

 095_J7S4029 096_J7S4032


Again another view of differing lenses.


Differing Angles.


 100_J7S4058 101_J7S4065 102_J7S4068 103_J7S4071 104_J7S4073

Dancing… it’s who they are.


Hey thomas asked the old grandma if we could use the fall covered yard so I figured we use it to the full extent.

 038_J7S4096 018_J7S4100


Personality people…. PERSONALITY! They’ve got plenty! Awesome!



 033_J7S4127 041_J7S4130

 112_J7S4142 019_J7S4143 113_J7S4144 020_J7S4147 115_J7S4150

Faces = Personality

Some of these I would love to show in larger… but the sequence is fun too



Hot dang we go on after the sun goes down and bring in our own light.

 037_J7S4180 044_J7S4182

 119_J7S4194 120_J7S4203

The End

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  1. Eric Quinney says

    Great post, I loved the variation of the shots, angles and lighting. Nothing can replace the personality though. My question in shooting with different lenses are you using multiple cameras or do you take the time to switch out equipment, etc..?

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