Paris Wedding Pictures – Creperie et Biscuiterie


OK Well on we go with another episode of the Paris Wedding Formals

This time we find ourselves still in Montmarte… First we stop outside of a Creperie for their brightly colored red wall.

Then on the way out of this area they stopped at a Biscuiterie and got some more “candid” shots.

 041_J7S0876 115_J7S0876

They made sure that I got things in the pictures that would let others know that they were in Paris

 043_J7S0907 426_J7S0903

 415_J7S0860 423_J7S0893

Yep I frequently got down on the ground… that’s how I work. Give it a little foreground


 042_J7S0877 419_J7S0878

I really do like how that guy walked through the picture… just goes to show there’s no reason to get pissy about people walking through the pictures… They’ll be out of the picture in 2 seconds.

Besides it’s not like we didn’t take pictures for 8 hrs – No big loss




I loved the through the window pictures… I did this particular one because I was realizing the shop might want these pictures… or the couple might want to remember where they were. haha

 122_J7S1225 109_J7S1225

These guys in the shop were pretty happy with the happy couples presence… I gave them a business card… wonder if they’ll get a hold of me for the pictures.



This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

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