Paris Wedding Pictures – Montmartre Roads

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Ok so the 3rd stop on our day long photo expedition around the city for these wedding pictures was up in Montmartre

This is up on the hill with the views of the city and the famous Sacre-Couer Cathedral.

This was the area picked by people in my petition on my Facebook Biz Page – Asking where we should go in addition to where was already planned. Great Choice.

We got dropped off a bit from the popular spots so as to not get caught up in traffic and then the driver had to go run some errands.


We kinda just stopped as we were walking up some roads, tourists walking around stopped to take pictures of us.

Almost every building had a facade that was picture worthy, but we kinda randomly picked this one.

 032_J7S0753 388_J7S0777



This guy had come out the back of his location for a smoke break and got a show to watch… which promptly because of his coolness I put him into the show.

I thought this was perfect… because this is france. I did kinda want him to stand back further maybe up against the wall and kinda in the background… I still wanted it mainly about her. But I must admit my french isn’t up to par to say things like “in the background” or “You should act like you just happen to be in the picture, doing your thing”

 033_J7S0780 389_J7S0782


 375_J7S0737  378_J7S0744

 240_J7S1276 242_J7S1284

This was at the end of our stay in this area while we were waiting to get picked up. Still waiting on another road, or I guess in this case a sidewalk.

The next 3 posts will talk about what we did in between

 528_J7S1291 532_J7S1299

 531_J7S1296 112_J7S1297


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)


  1. linda Strickland says

    Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures

  2. Sarah says

    LOVE these photos of Jesse & Kim!!! Beautiful! Nice work, Scott!

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