Paris Wedding Pictures – Random Alley


OK First off let’s be honest it’s not really an Alley … but it just sounded much better that way. Really most of the roads look like this.
I think this really shows how you can just pick any street on the map or out of a hat and go there and find a trove of awesome shots.

How do Parisian photographers get anygood with sooooo many amazing places to shoot… it’s like they don’t have to try hard. (That can’t be good for developing raw skills)


 066_J7S0223 067_J7S0223

Now that we got this out of the way we shot here because well this is where we picked them up right outside their hotel… thought we’d do some warm up shots since it was cloudy and the weather wasn’t forcing our hands to get anywhere fast.

It was a nice quite oneway (as most all the streets are) so we only had to get out of the road a few times.

 217_J7S0277 070_J7S0269

 068_J7S0260 210_J7S0256

Yeah we just picked the closest coolest windows available.

This blue picture is in front of the shop… which the lady showed up and opened seconds after this picture. (She was nice and asked if we were done with it)

 071_J7S0289 072_J7S0294




Can you tell I am digging B&W for this location… I think it fits. (Well B&W just fits with Paris in general)
 232_J7S0304 229_J7S0300

We’ll be continuing the series again tomorrow with some more awesome pictures… perhaps more iconic to Paris. Though I’d like to think this was right down the line of what paris is all about… how every street is a photographers paradise.


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

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