Paris Wedding Pictures – The Restaurant


Well we had to eat at some point that day. So why not turn it into an awesome photo-op.

So we picked the best looking and least cluttered with people restaurant. It’s pretty chilly and she’s ready to get inside somewhere and stay warm… plus this means that the outside tables aren’t being used.


Well now you know where we ate and what was on the menu. haha


 047_J7S1087 048_J7S1088

The table cloths are pretty classic

 049_J7S1142 050_J7S1165

So I kinda came up with the idea of shooting through the window after we ate… first I went outside… but the reflections were way bad they practically had to press up against the glass to see them.

But looking back I love the reflections.

Then they went outside and sat. You must know that when I look at these pictures I’m thinking about all the lighting things I coulda done or if I had an assistant outside to help pose them since they couldn’t hear me.


Those are red curtains… he was way way red… this is after I desaturated it way down. The BW is pretty awesome but for some reason I love the red glow.



Above a few more from when we got to the restuarant and below a few more of the through the window


 489_J7S1163 494_J7S1182




This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

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  1. Mishi says

    I love these ones! Very quaint and personal. I think the window ones (both from the inside and out) turned out awesome!

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