Paris Wedding Pictures – The Views from Montmartre


OK while still up in the Montmartre district we took some pictures with the views of down below.

The first area was a less typical view while planted on some steps to the north of the really popular areas.

We actually only spent a short time in the area in front of the cathedral. There were just too many people and not enough awesome views.

I prefered this location.


I shot through some black railing and that’s the effect you’re seeing in the top portion of the picture above. Pretty COol.


Just Looking Good.

 396_J7S0813 096_J7S0816



This is the view of the city I mentioned previously… It’d be a much better spot by night. But even still not my absolute favorite even though so many people come for this view.

I think it’d be better for pics if the Eiffel tower or something big was in the background viewable and not too far.

 184_J7S0999 445_J7S0993


This is the main cathedral on the hill. Lucky enough to get some shots without people in the background.



One of the only times i used the super wide during this day.

432 – 409

 402_J7S0832 409_J7S0844



This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

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