From another view – Pictures at Salt Lake Temple


Often you’re just trying to tap all the photographic wealth of places on the grounds of a beautiful place like Temple Square in Salt Lake City that you don’t often get to travel very far away.

Not that this location is even that far… but it mostly happened because prior to entering into the temple we had a “First Look Session” which was the first time he saw her in her dress.
We did lots of the locations that one would typically do at that point in time so after their ceremony in the temple we were certainly less rushed.

This particular shot happened mainly because we were all parked in the Conference Center parking lot and she wasn’t changing in the temple but going as is.
So I asked if they wanted a few more pictures.

Now there are certainly lots of amazing pictures from the day but this location was probably amongst my favorites because I’d never done it before. I also think it’s very modelesque of them.

And I love the colors… I know most people love warmer colors but this was December – winter time – and it just fits for me.



I will posting pictures from this wedding in parts again. Thought I’d start it off with this one

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  1. Chris Manning says

    Being able to see things from a different angle is a sign of a great photographer, and you provided this couple with a unique shot of Temple Square. Its definitely not a view I’ve seen before!

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